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42 Best Desk Setup Ideas for Your Home Office in 2024

A well-built desk setup isn’t just about aesthetics. Here are 42 no-nonsense desk setup ideas and proven tips to supercharge your home office and turn it into a productivity power tool.

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Editorial Team
Home Office Ideas

A well-built desk setup isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s a productivity power tool.

We’ve compiled a robust list of 42 practical desk setup ideas — all backed by real creative professionals.

These creators have generously shared their personal workspace strategies, insights, and recommendations in the interviews and home office tours we’ve featured right here on Maker Stations.

In this article, you’ll uncover authentic desk setups and actionable tips from fellow makers who are navigating the WFH lifestyle, just like you.

Real people, real workspaces.

So, let’s skip the fluff and get straight to the goods.

Dive into these practical, tried-and-tested strategies to supercharge your home workspace.

Dream big, start small

Kickstart planning your home office with manageable tasks for noticeable benefits.

By breaking down the organising process into manageable steps, you can tackle one area at a time while keep seeing the big picture.

This approach helps to build momentum and prevents overwhelm.

Another benefit is the ability to fine-tune your organisational systems.

Starting small allows you to experiment with different methods and determine what works best for you.

You can refine your storage solutions, test out different layouts, and adjust your desk setup based on your specific needs and preferences.

Utilise light for a brighter workspace

Making the most of natural light in your workspace isn’t just energy-efficient. It’s also a great way to uplift your mood and productivity.

Position your desk near a window if possible, and use light curtains or blinds to control the amount of sunshine and prevent glare on your screen.

Arrange essentials within reach

A well-organised workspace streamlines your workflow and minimises unnecessary interruptions.

Keep frequently used items — like your mouse, keyboard, notepads, and pens — within arm’s reach to avoid excessive stretching or constant getting up.

This setup, known as the “reach zone”, can help you save time and maintain focus on your tasks.

A content creator who has arranged the “reach zone” for his dual Apple Studio displays desk setup
“The top of my desk is a 74″ by 36″ custom countertop from Home Depot. This allows me to spread out my work materials and have everything within reach,” says Cory Johnson, a Canadian content creator. Credit: Clean and Minimal B&W Desk Setup in Toronto, Canada

Embrace simplicity with a decluttered workspace

A clean and clutter-free desk leads to a clear mind.

Try to keep only the essentials on your desk, use desk organisers, and tuck away any unnecessary items.

Make it a habit to declutter your workspace at the end of each day — it’s a simple action that can significantly improve your productivity and reduce stress.

How to Declutter Your Home Office
A tidy workspace does wonders for your mental health and productivity. Follow this step-by-step guide to declutter and organise your home office.

Maintain clear sight of your goals

Keeping your goals in view can serve as a powerful motivator throughout your workday.

Bullet journals are useful for outlining plans, tasks, notes, to-do lists, and in general staying on top of things
“Using my bullet journal, I write down the things that I have to complete and prioritise them depending on their importance or urgency. I know that I could just use an app on my phone, but I prefer writing them on paper. I don’t know, but I feel like I can accomplish my tasks more easily when I write them down,” says Christian Realin, a student from the Philippines. Credit: Budget Study Setup

Consider using a bullet journal, to-do list, bulletin board, or a digital tool to track your objectives, key tasks, and deadlines visually.

This constant visual reminder can help you stay focused and productive.

A minimal workspace with an old school chalkboard
“I write a list on a whiteboard of my things to do that day and erase them one by one,” says an American designer Mike Smith. Credit: Minimal Workspace in an Old School Building in Philadelphia, US

Prioritise physical comfort with ergonomic elements

Feeling comfortable in front of the screen is essential for long-term productivity.

Investing in ergonomic office furniture and equipment, such as an adjustable chair, a keyboard tray, or a monitor stand, reduces the chances of suffering from conditions caused by poor posture, including chronic fatigue and headaches.

A dark and moody desk setup featuring Herman Miller Embody chair
“The average person spends 8+ hours a day in a chair — so why wouldn’t we pay top dollar for something we spend a third of our lives in?” says Roberto Nickson, a product designer based in Los Angeles, US. Credit: Bedroom Battlestation in Los Angeles, US

Expand your view with a panoramic setup

Choosing an ultrawide monitor for your workspace lets you see more content at once, whether it’s spreadsheet columns, lines of code, or gaming scenes.

As a practical and functional upgrade, an unltrawide monitor can make your daily tasks or gaming sessions more efficient and immersive.

A battlestation with an ultrawide Samsung G9 Odyssey monitor
“The monitor has a habit of stealing the show whenever someone sees my setup due to its sheer size,” shares Colin Chang, a UK-based video gaming producer. Credit: Ultrawide Battlestation in Cambridge, UK

Introduce potted plants for a breath of fresh air

A simple way to boost your workspace vibe is to invite nature in.

Select some low-maintenance indoor plants and place them where they’ll catch your eye.

These green companions don’t just perk up your maker station visually; they stir up creativity and tame stress.

Transform the gloomiest nook into your favourite workspace

Don’t let a dull corner of your home go underutilised.

Equip it with task lighting, like a desk lamp or an adjustable floor lamp, to keep your workspace well-lit.

Add pops of colour with vibrant furniture or eye-catching wall art.

The key is to create a welcoming and bright space that motivates you to get work done.

A pink den workspace
“I feel like I’ve reached my final stage of Pokémon evolution with this custom pink den of dreams!” says Gavin Strange, Bristol-based designer. His room has neon pink-painted MDF walls and ceiling, as well as artificial plant walls and fake grass flooring. Credit: Neon Pink Den in Bristol, UK

Conquer the clutter with smart cable management

Cable chaos can quickly kill both your focus and your workspace’s vibe.

Take control by using practical tools like cable ties, clips, or under-desk trays to tame the wire jungle.

Not only will your workspace look sleeker, but you’ll also find it easier to stay in the zone and work efficiently when you’re not distracted by cable clutter.

A cable-free desk setup idea

Enhance workspace ambiance with air purifiers

Good indoor air quality is vital for maintaining your health and concentration levels.

Consider investing in an air purifier to remove pollutants and improve air circulation in your workspace.

This can help you feel more refreshed, less tired, and more able to focus on your work.

A green study setup with plants and an air humidifier
“An air purifier Concept ZV1000 has been amazing so far. It pleasantly humidifies the air with the soothing sound of water. No way could I work all day without turning it on,” says Matúš Gocman, Civil Engineering and Architecture student from Slovakia. “As we speak, it’s on and makes me feel much more energetic.” Credit: Pegboard Study Setup in Bratislava

Double down on productivity with dual-screen desk setup ideas

Ever find yourself losing focus with constant tab and window switching? Try a multi-monitor setup.

Having two screens lets you spread out your tasks, cutting down on digital clutter.

It’s about streamlining your workflow: spend less time searching for the right window and more time getting things done.

A home desk setup with two vertically stacked monitors
“The idea of vertically stacked monitors was always the plan, flanked by two speakers while keeping the overall balance symmetrical,” says Adam Peters, a customer service manager from Australia. “Traditionally, when using multiple monitor setups, I would have used the horizontal layout, but here I wanted to try the vertical layout to maximise my desk space.” Credit: Warm, Stress-Free Workspace with Vertically Stacked Monitors in Brisbane

Maximise vertical space with shelving units

Are you working from home in a tight area? Make the most out of your small home office by embracing vertical storage solutions.

Wall-mounted shelves or hanging organisers can free up desk space, keeping your essentials within arm’s reach while maintaining a clean, clutter-free setup — crucial for productivity in small home offices.

Accentuate your workspace with mood lighting

A well-lit workspace doesn’t have to feel sterile or bland.

By layering light sources like desk lamps, fairy lights, or LED light strips, you’ll not only create a warm, inviting atmosphere for your home office but also reduce eye strain.

Dark and Moody Setup Desk Tours
Embrace gloomy ambience, murky tones, and a hint of dark academia

Commit to a colour scheme for visual harmony

Harmony in a workspace can go beyond physical arrangement; colours play a vital role too.

Whether it’s using one colour for all desk accessories or matching monitor’s wallpaper with furniture, a thoughtful palette adds aesthetic appeal.

And a workspace that’s pleasing to the eye naturally stimulates creativity and uplifts the mood.

A Sakura Sky-themed blue and pink battlestation

Invest in a standing desk for dynamic work sessions

Long work hours demand a certain degree of physical versatility.

Integrate a standing desk into your setup and gain flexibility to alter your posture throughout the day.

This simple addition helps reinforce correct posture, ease back discomfort, and boost your overall well-being.

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Scout for low-cost, space-saving desk substitutes

Limited square footage doesn’t mean you have to compromise on a productive workspace.

Seek affordable, inventive desk setup solutions that double up on utility and compactness.

Repurpose an old table, install a wall-mounted drop-leaf desk, or utilise a console table as a standing desk.

Explore thrift stores or secondhand online marketplaces for budget-friendly finds that can be converted into your personal workspace.

Unearth the home office chair that’s right for you

An office chair isn’t just for sitting; it’s an integral component of a productive, comfortable workspace.

Begin your quest by focusing on ergonomics; seek out features like adjustable height, armrests, and lumbar support to promote good posture.

Don’t shy away from the “sitting test”: your body should be the final judge. Take a trip to your nearest furniture store, sit on different desk chairs, and see how you feel.

Personal comfort goes above everything else.

Beyond comfort, look for a chair that complements your workspace aesthetics. The chair hunt may be a task, but finding “the one” will redefine your work-from-home game.

A floor chair and desk setup for two
Some WFH professionals choose to embrace furniture-free living. “Perhaps, the most striking feature of our setups is that we use floor desks and chairs,” says HL from Thoughtworthy Co. Credit: Floor Chair & Desk Setup for Two in Singapore

Promote mental clarity with minimalism

Opt for minimalism to sharpen focus.

A minimalist workspace isn’t barren but strategic — it’s about retaining only items that aid your work.

This “less is more” approach ensures each element on your desk has a clear function and adds to your productivity.

A minimal monochrome desk setup
“Subtle colours, clean lines, only the essentials (while still adding some personal touch) and quality over quantity,” this is how Marc, a product manager from Heidelberg, describes his desk setup. Credit: Minimalist Monochrome Workspace in Heidelberg, Germany

Mix the unmixable to make it your own

Blending the unexpected can lead to a truly distinctive home office.

Consider taking a cue from the trending Japandi style, a fusion of the calming aesthetics of Japanese design and the warm functionality of Scandinavian elements.

14 Ideas for a Japandi Style Home Office
Make your workspace feel more warm, personal and down-to-earth with these Japanordic interior design ideas.

Keep your space minimal yet inviting by harmoniously integrating natural elements, clean lines, muted tones, and artisanal accents.

This creates a uniquely serene and purposeful space that feels minimalistic yet warm.

Make your workspace an extension of your persona

Inject your personality into your workspace with meaningful touches.

Whether it’s handmade décor elements, art pieces that scream “this is so me,” or a collection of cherished photos, personalising your home office elevates it from being just a work spot.

It transforms your workspace into a hub of inspiration, nudging you to always put your best foot forward.

A bright and creative home workspace with a standing desk

Designate areas for each activity

Define dedicated zones in your workspace to cater to different aspects of your work and hobbies.

Have a space for focused computer work, another for brainstorming and planning, and maybe a cosy corner for reading or crafts.

A mid-century dual-monitor home office with a dedicated kid’s play area
Working mom and construction service coordinator Ashley Sainato cleverly mixed work and play by adding a kid’s corner to her home office. This move keeps her child entertained while she focuses on work, successfully blending her professional and parenting duties. Credit: Mid-Century Workspace in North Carolina, US: a Working Mom’s Dream

This approach helps your mind switch contexts effectively and keeps your workspace clutter-free.

By assigning a special place for your crafting materials or hobby-related items, you also ensure that everything you need is always at arm’s reach.

An attic workspace of a street artist
Danish street artist, Zwitzh, has truly harnessed the potential of his tiny attic. He’s transformed it into a multifunctional hub: a fully-equipped workshop, a compact desk setup for his laptop, and a cosy nook for some quiet alone time or a good read. Credit: Secret Attic Workspace of a Street Artist in Copenhagen, Denmark

Fake it until you make it (green)

Even if you work from a dark corner of the house or have a windowless home office, you can still enjoy a green view from your desk.

Try introducing artificial plants into your space.

They provide a visually refreshing environment for those long screen-staring hours, while requiring zero sunlight and even less maintenance.

Botanical patterns can also dramatically transform a bland home office wall into a vibrant backdrop.

An artsy home office with a hand-painted botanical wall
Stefana Teodoroiu has successfully “planted the illusion” of a green oasis at her workstation using her artistic skills. “I used some leftover paint I had from around the house and free-handed some abstract and botanical shapes on the wall just behind my laptop and monitor,” she says. Credit: Creative Hand-Painted Home Office in Bucharest, Romania

There are a number of fuss-free ways to bring more greenery into your home office. Start with these five tried and tested tips.

Turn your desk into a hydration station

A dedicated water bottle on your desk is a simple reminder to drink up and keep your brain and body running at full speed.

Plus, it cuts down on kitchen trips, so you can stay in the zone and get more done.

Create a relaxation nook for breaks

Taking regular breaks is important to prevent burnout and maintain productivity.

Designate a corner of your office for relaxation, equipped with a comfortable chair or a bean bag, a few books, or anything else that helps you unwind.

A dog chilling on a couch in a home office of their owner with a creative desk setup
“I really like that I have three modes in such a small space: standing, sitting at a desk, or chilling out in a comfortable chair,” says writer and designer Hazel Jennings. Credit: Creative Station in San Francisco, US

Enhance soundproofing for better focus

Create a serene work environment by incorporating soundproofing elements into your home office.

Consider adding acoustic panels to your walls. These panels absorb sound waves, minimising echo and reducing distractions.

A minimal custom-made music production setup
“The panels you see on the walls are acoustic ones with acoustic wool inside. The acoustic panels without holes reduce the reverberation of the room,” explains Kamil, a music producer from Kraków. “The hybrid ones (with holes) help to further disperse sound in random directions. Panels in the corners and above the TV are so-called bass traps. They help to reduce room rumble.” Credit: Minimalist Music Production Setup in Kraków, Poland

Another option is to lay down a plush carpet, which not only adds a touch of style and designates a certain zone but also absorbs sound, reducing the overall noise level in the room.

You can also opt for soft furniture like upholstered chairs or couches, as they help absorb sound rather than reflecting it.

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Finally, invest in a pair of high-quality noise-cancelling headphones.

These will provide an oasis of tranquility, blocking out external noise and allowing you to fully concentrate on your tasks.

Using a headphone stand not only keeps the desk clutter-free, but also ensures your focus-enhancing headphones are always within reach. Source: Minimalist Apple Desk Setup by BasicAppleGuy in Alberta, Canada

Embrace your passion with a themed desk setup

Unleash your productivity by crafting a home office space that’s a love letter to your favourite themes, like Dark Academia, manga series, video games, or sci-fi sagas.

If Dark Academia is your aesthetic, think traditional wooden furniture, stacks of classic books, typewriter-style keyboards, and a green banker’s lamp for that scholarly ambiance.

A manga or anime lover? Deck your workspace with prints from your favourite series, anime figurines, or even manga-inspired custom keyboard.

A Kirby-themed pink gaming setup
“Kirby is one of my favourite video game characters of all time, and it makes me so happy that I’ve managed to incorporate him into my setup,” says Gem, a community manager for Nintendo Life, Push Square & Pure Xbox. Credit: Kirby Gaming Setup in North East England, UK

For the gamers out there, why not amp up your game breaks with a Nintendo Switch decked out in a skin featuring your beloved game? With each glance and touch, you’ll be reminded of your passion, recharging your motivation and adding a dose of fun to your workday.

Calling all sci-fi enthusiasts! Imagine looking up from your workstation to see framed posters of iconic movies like Star Wars, Blade Runner, or 2001: A Space Odyssey.

A futuristic gaming setup with an ergonomic chair and hexagonal wall panels
“I mean, look at that chair, it screams out ‘I’m a Stormtrooper!’”. Jay, a power plant operator from the United States, proudly presents his desk setup. Credit: Futuristic Gaming Setup in California, US

Elevate your work experience with an adjustable monitor stand

Placing your monitor at eye level reduces strain on your neck and eyes and promotes better posture.

Invest in a reliable, adjustable monitor mount, arm, or riser to achieve the perfect height and angle.

If you work on a laptop, consider adding a laptop stand and an external keyboard for a more ergonomic arrangement.

Workspace with a Custom Laptop Stand
“I couldn’t find anything I liked until I came across a 3D printed docking station for my MacBook”

Make the most of your spot with an L-shaped desk

An L-shaped desk can be a game-changer for your home office, providing ample workspace without compromising on style or comfort.

Harness L-shaped desks to organise and streamline your work process.

Consider designating each “leg” of the desk for specific tasks — one for computer work, another for paperwork or sketching, even leaving a cosy corner for that essential coffee cup.

This way, you can visually and physically separate different aspects of your work, reducing clutter and enhancing focus.

Plus, its corner-friendly design makes efficient use of room space, ideal for smaller rooms or multi-purpose areas. It also offers plenty of under-desk space for storage solutions or stretch breaks.

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Supercharge your workday with the right productivity tools

Productivity tools are your secret weapon for optimising tasks, managing time, and handling projects.

Start by identifying your needs.

Are tasks slipping through the cracks? A to-do list app like Todoist might be your ally.

DIY floating plywood desk setup with a scaffolding board riser in Bushey, UK
“The app I return to over and over is Todoist,” says James, a UK-based project information coordinator. “My schedule is a revolving door as I have three kids.” Credit: DIY Floating Plywood Desk Setup With a Scaffolding Board Riser in Bushey, UK
A ToDoist app screenshot
“The system I work off of is: • Daily (work that is done every day); • Next Actions (unique work that needs completion ASAP); • Delegate (work I can offload to the relevant people); • Waiting For (work that needs completion but requires external interaction prior to me being able to complete); • Someday (this is the work I don’t have an ETA for, so it fills the time when I have quiet periods — I’m yet to visit anything in here). I follow this system religiously to get work done,” adds James

Do you find it hard to focus? A physical Pomodoro timer or an app like Focus Booster can help you structure your time effectively, with short bursts of concentrated work followed by quick breaks.

Perhaps you’re grappling with time management? Try time-blocking techniques, sectioning your day into dedicated slots for specific tasks.

And if project coordination seems overwhelming, a project management tool like Trello can streamline your workflow.

Unleash efficiency with smart storage solutions

Picture this: a workspace where everything has its place, from your favourite pen to that desk fan you only need a few days per year.

With savvy storage solutions like drawer organisers and desk trays, this can be your reality.

Put the power strip into the cable box for a tidy look
Insert the power strip into the cable box to maintain a clean aesthetic

A clutter-free desk not only looks great, but it also helps you find what you need instantly, making your workday smoother and more efficient.

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Make use of wall space with a pegboard

Step up your organisation game by harnessing your wall space with a savvy pegboard.

This isn’t just about hanging notes; it’s about smart, accessible storage.

A botanical home office with a pegboard wall
“The main pieces that directed the design that my setup/living room was going to take were the massive pegboard wall. It was absolutely perfect, both functionally and visually,” says a Canadian-based software developer and UX/UI designer Nicholas. Credit: Botanical Workspace with a Pegboard Wall in Kelowna, Canada

With hooks, small baskets, and mini shelves you can hang headphones, stationery, small potted plants, or anything else you need at hand.

Showcase your favourite photos or pieces of art for a unique touch.

A pegboard not only helps keep your workspace decluttered and orderly but also serves as a customisable canvas reflecting your work environment and individual flair.

A serene and well-organised home workspace with two pegboards
“The pegboards I have mounted above my desk both serve as great style pieces, as well as vertical storage. Being from IKEA (the SKÅDIS collection), the possibilities are endless when it comes to configuring them,” says Cam DiCecca, an IT systems engineer from Boston. Credit: Multifunctional Workspace in Boston, US

Boost your audio with a top-notch speaker system

Are you a fan of tuning into music or podcasts as you work?

Elevate this auditory experience by investing in a high-quality speaker system.

Crisp, clear audio can not only amplify your enjoyment but also enhance your mood and concentration.

And remember, if you’re sharing your space, headphones are a great alternative to keep your sound personal.

Create your perfect ambience with adjustable lighting

Don’t underestimate the power of the right lighting in setting your mood and productivity levels.

Swap out harsh, fixed-intensity lights for dimmable options. These give you the freedom to adjust brightness according to the task or time of day.

Craving relaxation?

Dial up a warm, cosy glow.

Need to stay alert? Switch to a cooler, crisp light.

For a fun and motivational twist, consider adding neon or RGB lights. They can infuse your space with colour, creating different atmospheres to suit your mood or theme.

Plus, many RGB lights come with customisable settings, letting you switch hues with just a click.

An RGB gaming setup inspired by Cyberpunk vibe
“While I’m a huge fan of neon lights and RGB, I didn’t just splash them all over the place. What I did was smarter. I carefully planned where I’d put them and how they would affect the lighting of my setup,” says Gerwyn Manuel, a student and artist from the Philippines. Credit: Cyberpunk-Inspired Gaming Setup

Make scents work for you

Need a pick-me-up for those midday slumps?

Try diffusing refreshing citrus scents like lemon or grapefruit.

Looking to create a calm focus zone? Opt for soothing lavender or chamomile.

It’s all about experimenting and finding what scents work best for you.

So, don’t just settle for a visually appealing workspace — make it smell appealing too.

14 productivity-boosting scents for a home office
They can also lessen your anxiety.

Fuel your drive with motivational quotes and artworks

How about turning your workspace into an inspiration station?

Adorn your surroundings with what sparks your motivation — a cherished quote, a captivating artwork, or a vibrant vision board.

These visuals do double duty — giving you a much-needed boost when energy wanes and personalising your work area.

Don’t just work; work inspired.

A Smith & Corona blue steel typewriter from the 1950s
“Just behind my setup, there is a cabinet that houses a Smith & Corona blue steel typewriter from the 1950s,” says BasicAppleGuy from Canada. “At $300, it may have been a completely unnecessary piece of conspicuous consumption. However, it has been enjoyable to type out messages, lyrics, or quotes to help subtly adorn the space each week.” Credit: Minimalist Apple Desk Setup by BasicAppleGuy in Alberta, Canada

Ditch cords and go wireless

Opting for wireless devices, like a keyboard, mouse, or headphones, drastically reduces desk clutter, granting your desk setup a more streamlined look.

But the benefits go beyond aesthetics. It also offers the liberty to move around your workspace without tether.

Carve out your work niche in shared home offices

In shared home offices, delineating your workspace is key to maintaining focus and productivity.

A well-placed desk screen or room divider can create a private nook, shielding you from distractions.

Shared Home Office Setups from Makers Across the Globe
Desk tours accompanied by the real WFH coworkers’ stories.

Choose a screen or divider that complements your workspace aesthetics and is easy to set up and relocate.

But don’t just stop at desk screens — consider using bookcases, plants, different rugs, or even design styles to visually separate work zones.

It’s all about creating distinct areas that cater to individual needs while still maintaining a harmonious shared home workspace.

A cosy industrial dark desk setup with hints of nature

Let the playlist fine-tune your workday

Instrumental tracks, nature sounds, white noise, or your favourite tunes — it’s all about building a unique work playlist to sync with your rhythm.

Research even suggests that different music genres can impact various tasks: classical music is great for analytical tasks, while upbeat tunes can boost creative work.

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Do it yourself

Building a home office using your DIY skills offers a multitude of benefits that go beyond the mere satisfaction of creating something with your own hands.

First and foremost, it allows you to tailor the design and layout to perfectly suit your needs and preferences, optimising productivity and comfort.

Plus, honing your DIY skills fosters a sense of accomplishment.

A DIY PVC minimalist desk setup idea

Building your home office from scratch also gives you the chance to incorporate eco-friendly practices, such as using sustainable materials or implementing energy-efficient solutions.

Additionally, DIY projects often prove to be cost-effective, as you can select affordable materials and repurpose existing items to minimise expenses.

A budget DIY study setup
“I wanted to have a nice workspace so badly that I started saving money. After I had saved enough, I purchased a monitor, speakers, and other items one by one. Rather than buying other things I wanted, I decided to create them myself,” says Christian Realin, a student from the Philippines. “These DIY projects include the wooden desk shelf and the laptop dock”. Credit: Budget Study Setup

Lastly, the process itself can be highly engaging and enjoyable, allowing you to express your individuality and create a space that truly reflects who you are.

So, unleash your creativity, embark on a DIY desk setup adventure, and craft a home office that not only meets your functional needs but also becomes a source of inspiration and pride.

Look beyond the traditional home office and desk setup ideas

Transform even the most unlikely spaces into an effective home office.

That under-stair nook, an unused closet, or a spare corner in your living room — with a bit of imagination, these can become productive workspaces.

Remember, it’s not about the size of your space but how effectively you use it.

Perhaps a small table and a comfy chair in that sunny corner by the window could be your next creative hub.

A purple music studio in a small den
“Every little decision you make depletes your willpower. Think of it like currency and spend it wisely,” says Joakim Nilsen, a musician from Norway. Credit: Small Music Room in Scandinavia

Follow our ultimate checklist for designing your home office

Transforming your home into an efficient and comfortable workspace might be challenging, but we’re here to help you.

Follow our comprehensive checklist, packed with more than 50 ideas on how to create an organised and productive home office.

Start by going through each section in our guide:

  1. Essentials & Electronics: Equip your workspace with the necessary tools and technology.
  2. Choose Your Mood: Select a colour scheme or theme that inspires and motivates you.
  3. Cable Management: Implement strategies to keep your cords tidy and out of the way.
  4. Ergonomics & Productivity: Optimise your workspace layout for comfort and efficiency.
  5. Calls & Meetings: Prepare your space for successful virtual communication.
  6. Ideas for Room: Explore ideas for utilising your space effectively.
  7. Self-Care: Remember to incorporate elements of relaxation and self-care.

Use these categories as steps, and remember, creating a space that suits your needs is an ongoing process, so feel free to revisit the list and make adjustments as needed.

Free Ultimate Home Office Checklist (50+ ideas).
A complete checklist to help you organise your home office (50+ ideas, two-page PDF document).

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