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16 Home Office Ideas for Every MBTI Personality

There are 16 MBTI personalities — what’s yours?

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Home Office Ideas

Before we jump in, let’s address the elephant in the room. Sure, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is not steeped in hardcore scientific backing, and psychologists often debate its validity (or oppose it).

But hey, that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun with it, right?

Think of the MBTI as yet another reason to reflect on your preferences and styles, especially when it comes to crafting a personal workspace.

16 MBTI personalities — what’s yours?

  1. ISTJ — The Inspector (Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, Judging)
    Characteristics: practical, fact-oriented, organised, and responsible.
  2. ISFJ — The Protector (Introverted, Sensing, Feeling, Judging)
    Characteristics: caring, detail-oriented, loyal, and sensitive to others' needs.
  3. INFJ — The Advocate (Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging)
    Characteristics: insightful, idealistic, compassionate, and often reserved.
  4. INTJ — The Architect (Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging)
    Characteristics: strategic, logical, innovative, and independent.
  5. ISTP — The Craftsman (Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, Perceiving)
    Characteristics: observant, hands-on learners, adaptable, and resourceful.
  6. ISFP — The Composer (Introverted, Sensing, Feeling, Perceiving)
    Characteristics: artistic, gentle, empathetic, and flexible.
  7. INFP — The Mediator (Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Perceiving)
    Characteristics: idealistic, creative, passionate, and curious.
  8. INTP — The Thinker (Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Perceiving)
    Characteristics: intellectual, logical, objective, and abstract thinkers.
  9. ESTP — The Dynamo (Extraverted, Sensing, Thinking, Perceiving)
    Characteristics: energetic, practical, spontaneous, and fun-loving.
  10. ESFP — The Performer (Extraverted, Sensing, Feeling, Perceiving)
    Characteristics: sociable, lively, playful, and enthusiastic.
  11. ENFP — The Champion (Extraverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Perceiving)
    Characteristics: Imaginative, warm, enthusiastic, and idealistic.
  12. ENTP — The Visionary (Extraverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Perceiving)
    Characteristics: Innovative, curious, argumentative, and outspoken.
  13. ESTJ — The Supervisor (Extraverted, Sensing, Thinking, Judging)
    Characteristics: organised, practical, direct, and decisive.
  14. ESFJ — The Provider (Extraverted, Sensing, Feeling, Judging)
    Characteristics: caring, social, loyal, and responsible.
  15. ENFJ — The Giver (Extraverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging)
    Characteristics: empathetic, motivational, warm, and persuasive.
  16. ENTJ — The Commander (Extraverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging)
    Characteristics: assertive, strategic, efficient, and leadership-oriented.

1. A home office idea for ISTJ — The Organised Traditionalist

For the practical ones, the ISTJs, a tidy workspace is the Holy Grail. Think classic vibes and smart moves. Converting a closet into a home office with a fold-down desk, using wall-mounted floating shelves, and choosing an ergonomic chair are just some of the solutions that will work for this type of creators.

A well-organised desk setup with a wooden desk and chair, dual monitors, laptop, microphone, headphones, and various desk accessories in a room with natural lighting
Photo: Cédric’s walnut workspace in Paris, France

Design: ISTJs benefit from a classic and structured space, featuring a solid wood desk and bookshelves for that timeless feel. A neutral colour palette with can boost a sense of calm and order.

Key features: Organisational tools like under-desk storage or book dividers are essential. Add a comfortable, ergonomic chair, a traditional clock, and an air purifier for long hours of focused work.

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2. Desk setup inspiration for ISFJ — The Comfort Seeker

ISFJs find solace in spaces that are as warm and welcoming as their own personality. Their office should be a sanctuary, a cosy corner in their home where comfort and functionality blend seamlessly.

A cosy study setup with an open laptop, handwritten notes, glasses, lit candles, a cup of coffee, and a green desk lamp by a window
Photo: Olja Lobkis’s cosy study with me setup in Nordfriesland, Germany

Design: A lo-fi atmosphere with soft lighting and comfortable furniture, complemented by personal touches.

Key features: Handwritten notes add a scholarly touch, candles create a warm and reflective ambiance, and a classic banker’s lamp helps embody vintage charm and the dark academia aesthetic.

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3. A workspace idea for INFJ — The Reflective Visionary

INFJs thrive in environments that mirror their inner world: thoughtful, inspiring, and well-organised. Your setup, with its blend of functionality and comfort, aligns well with an INFJ’s need for a space that supports both productivity and introspection.

A calm and sophisticated travel desk setup
Photo: Bronzegated’s travel desk setup in Tokyo, Japan

Design: A clean and uncluttered desk, with enough space for both work and relaxation, reflects an INFJ’s preference for an organised and aesthetically pleasing environment.

Key features: An ergonomic chair for long work sessions, ambient lighting for a cosy atmosphere, and a setup that encourages deep thinking and planning. The presence of natural elements and a view outside add to the calming effect, fostering creativity and reflection.

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4. A sleek home office layout for INTJ — The Strategic Thinker

For the INTJ, the home office is a command centre where big ideas are born and strategies are devised. Efficiency and technology are the main things in that hub of high-level thinking and planning.

A sleek desk setup featuring two monitors with matching wallpapers, a high-end PC tower, mechanical keyboard, and mouse, with decorative plants and speakers under soft ambient lighting
Photo: Joel Honkanen’s sleek gaming desk setup in Järvenpää, Finland

Design: The setup is sleek and modern, with a focus on functionality and minimalism. Think clean lines, a monochromatic colour scheme, and the latest tech gadgets. Every item has its place, contributing to a clutter-free environment that enhances focus and productivity.

Key features: Dual monitors are a must for effective multitasking, while smart home devices ensure a connected workspace. The desk is spacious, providing ample room for their equipment and any physical documents they need to reference. Shelving and storage solutions keep everything organised and within easy reach. Soft ambient lighting reduces eye strain and creates a conducive atmosphere for deep thinking.

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5. Workstation inspiration for ISTP — The Practical Innovator

ISTPs need a workspace that’s as dynamic and hands-on as they are. Their home office is a thought-through space for their practical skills and love for innovation.

A cosy industrial home office setup with plants
Photo: Roland Austria’s cosy industrial desk setup in Saitama, Japan

Design: The space boasts an industrial style, a creative mix of wood and metal reflecting ISTP’s practical yet inventive spirit.

Key features: A DIY desk caters to their tinkering, a tool organiser keeps things handy, and a project area is perfect for their endless inventions.

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6. A desk setup layout for ISFP — The Artistic Creator

ISFPs are the quintessential artists, and one’s office should be their personal studio. It’s a place where their artistic talents and vibrant personality shine.

Design: The space is bohemian and colourful, offering ample room for creativity to flow. Think eclectic decor, rich textures, and a mix of vintage and modern elements. The overall vibe is relaxed and inspiring, perfect for unleashing artistic expression.

Key features: An easel or drafting table is essential for hands-on projects, while a mood board provides a space to pin up inspiration and ideas. Vibrant decor and unique art pieces reflect the ISFP’s creative soul, making the space uniquely theirs. Storage solutions like open shelves, pegboards, and art supply organisers keep tools and materials handy yet tidy.

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7. Desk inspiration for INFP — The Dreamy Idealist

An INFP’s office is like a magical hideaway where dreams and reality hang out together. It’s their personal escape, where their imagination can roam wild and free.

A dreamy desk setup in pink colours
Photo: Kei Yoshikawa’s chic pink desk setup in Metro Manila, Philippines

Design: The setup is whimsical and personal, emphasising self-expression and their rich inner world. Think soft colours, cosy textures, and meaningful decor that reflects their passions and inspirations.

Key features: A creative writing nook for their stories and ideas, with a comfortable chair and a desk filled with notebooks and pens. A dream journal for jotting down thoughts and inspirations is essential. Fairy lights or other ambient lighting add a touch of whimsy and create a warm, inviting atmosphere. Personal items, like favourite books, artwork, and mementos, make the space feel like a true sanctuary. Natural light and plants bring in a sense of serenity and connection to the outside world.

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8. Home office design idea for INTP — The Logical Problem-Solver

INTPs need a space that sparks their curiosity and fuels their intellectual pursuits, making their home office a perfect think tank for deep thought and discovery. Small rooms are not a problem for them, but an interesting challenge for their ingenuity. If space is tight, they will build a tucked-away mini-office to make the most of every inch.

A small loft bed desk setup
Raymond’s Small Loft Bed Desk Setup in New South Wales, Australia

Design: The layout is minimalist and functional, with a focus on technology and storage. The space should have clean lines, neutral colours, and plenty of clever storage options to keep the area tidy and organised.

Key features: Modular storage units that can be customised to fit various items, a whiteboard for brainstorming, a comfortable and ergonomic chair for long study sessions, dual monitors to support multitasking, and a foldable desk to maximise space.

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9. Home office inspiration for ESTP — The Energetic Realist

ESTPs are all about action and adaptability, so their office should be buzzing with that same lively vibe. It must be a space that matches their fast-paced, practical approach to life.

Design: The design is open and flexible, featuring bold colours and practical, movable furniture. Think a modern, streamlined setup that can easily adapt to different tasks and activities, with an emphasis on functionality and style.

Key features: A standing desk to keep them active and on their feet, combined with a comfortable chair for when they need to sit. Exercise equipment like a yoga mat or resistance bands for quick workouts between tasks. A mini fridge stocked with snacks and refreshments to keep their energy levels high. Large windows or bright lighting to create an invigorating atmosphere. Versatile storage solutions that keep the space tidy yet easily accessible, ensuring they can grab what they need on the go.

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10. A desk setup idea for ESFP — The Social Butterfly

ESFPs are pros at mixing work and play. Their office should totally match that vibe. It needs to be a space that's as bright and lively as they are. The design should capture their fun-loving and sociable spirit.

Design: The home office should be bright, airy, and vibrant, featuring colourful decor and ample natural light. An open layout with flexible seating arrangements allows for easy socialising and collaboration.

Key features: A lounge area with cosy seating for impromptu meetings and socialising, a coffee station for quick energy boosts, a high-quality sound system for music and entertainment, and a large desk with plenty of space for creative projects.

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11. Workstation layout for ENFP — The Enthusiastic Innovator

ENFPs are the ultimate blend of creativity and spontaneity. Their office should be a vibrant canvas for all their colorful ideas. It’s a place where innovation meets fun, full of inspiring elements and playful touches. This space should reflect their dynamic energy and be as lively and imaginative as they are.

Design: The space is eclectic and stimulating, filled with various sources of inspiration. Think bright colours, diverse textures, and a mix of personal memorabilia that create a lively atmosphere. An open layout that allows for flexibility and movement is key to keep their energy flowing.

Key features: Shelves stacked with a variety of books and magazines can spark inspiration. The desk, adorned with colourful and quirky accessories, reflects their personality and keeps the space lively. Comfortable seating, like a cozy chair for reading and a standing desk for active work sessions, ensures they can work in different modes. Large windows or good lighting keep the space bright and uplifting, while plants and artwork add vibrancy and a touch of nature.

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12. A desk setup inspiration for ENTP — The Debater

For the ENTP, the office is a battleground of ideas, a place for lively debate and intellectual stimulation. It’s where they challenge norms and develop groundbreaking concepts.

Design: The setting is versatile and stimulating, focusing on interactivity and engagement. Think a modern, eclectic mix of elements that encourage creativity and dynamic thinking. The workspace should be as adaptable as their ever-changing ideas.

Key features: A large desk with plenty of surface area to spread out their projects and gadgets. Dual monitors for multitasking and seamless switching between tasks. A comfortable ergonomic chair for those long brainstorming sessions. Shelves and bulletin boards for displaying books, notes, and visual aids. A virtual meeting setup with high-quality webcam and microphone for engaging in debates and discussions.

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13. A workspace idea for ESTJ — The Efficient Organiser

ESTJs thrive in environments that are as ordered and efficient as they are. Their office is a model of organisation, a place where every detail is meticulously planned.

Design: The layout is professional and efficient, with a strong sense of order and purpose. Think minimalism, clean lines, a neutral colour palette, and a well-thought-out arrangement that maximises productivity and minimises distractions.

Key features: A large desk with ample space for work-related materials and multiple compartments to keep everything organised. A calendar system for tracking tasks and deadlines ensures that everything runs smoothly. Filing cabinets and drawers for easy access to important documents. A comfortable ergonomic chair to support long hours of focused work. Adequate lighting to keep the space bright and conducive to productivity. Storage solutions that keep the workspace clutter-free, allowing for quick and easy access to essentials.

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14. Home office inspiration for ESFJ — The Hospitable Coordinator

ESFJs create spaces that are as warm and inviting as their personalities. Their home office is not just a workspace; it’s a place where everyone feels welcome and relaxed.

Design: The area is warm and welcoming, focusing on comfort and a homely atmosphere. Think cosy furnishings, soft lighting, and personal touches that make the space feel inviting and organised.

Key features: Guest seating for visitors to make everyone feel comfortable and welcome. A coffee and tea station to offer hospitality and create a relaxed atmosphere. A bulletin board for family schedules and important notes to keep everything organised and in sync. Comfortable and stylish furniture that balances aesthetics with practicality. Warm lighting to create a soothing ambience and reduce eye strain. Decorative items like family photos, plants, and artwork to personalise the space and make it feel homely.

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15. A desk layout for ENFJ — The Charismatic Leader

ENFJs need a space that inspires and leads, much like their own personality. Their office is a hub of inspiration, a place where leadership and vision come to life.

A minimalist desk setup with a laptop on a stand, a MIDI keyboard, a camera, headphones, a microphone, and assorted plants, with a motivational poster on the wall, all in a clean, bright space
Photo: Alex Napier Holland’s focused workspace of a sales copywriter in Portugal

Design: The setting is inspirational and well-organised, focusing on leadership, functionality, and motivation. Think a bright, clean space with motivational decor and a layout that promotes productivity and collaboration.

Key features: A large desk to accommodate meetings and collaborative sessions, along with plenty of space for organisational tools. Inspirational posters and leadership books to keep motivation high and ideas flowing. An ergonomic chair to ensure comfort during long hours of work. Plants and natural elements to bring energy and freshness into the workspace. Smart storage solutions to keep the office tidy and efficient.

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16. A workstation idea for ENTJ — The Commanding Strategist

ENTJs command a space that is as bold and sophisticated as their strategic minds. Their office is a statement of success, a place where big decisions are made and futures are shaped.

Design: The design is bold and sophisticated, with high-end finishes that speak of power and prestige. Think a sleek, modern aesthetic with strong lines, dark tones, and premium materials. The setup is both functional and impressive, reflecting the ENTJ's leadership and vision.

Key features: A generous, imposing desk that serves as the command centre, equipped with dual or ultrawide monitors for extensive multitasking. High-quality ergonomic chair to support long hours of work. A world clock to stay on global time and a stock ticker to keep ahead of market trends. Smart home devices and automation for a seamless workflow. Elegant storage solutions that keep the space organised and clutter-free, with everything easily accessible. Motivational artwork and awards displayed prominently to inspire and remind them of their achievements.

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Whether you’re an introverted thinker or an extroverted feeler, these office ideas are meant to inspire and reflect your unique way of working. So, pick the one that speaks to you.

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