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Dual Displays: Creative Director’s Home Office in Baltimore, US

“I wanted a space that was inviting, portable, and focused on productivity”

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Name: Yianni Mathioudakis

Location: Baltimore, Maryland

Occupation: Co-founder & Creative Director at Deeo

Room size: 74 m² (800 ft²)

Cost of setup: $6.5K

Social media: Instagram, Twitter

Hello! Tell us a bit about yourself

Hi! My name is Yianni Mathioudakis, and I’m a digital designer, photographer, and filmmaker.

I’m the co-founder & creative director at Deeo, which is based out of Baltimore, Maryland.

I’m also the co-founder of Cast83, a wedding photography & videography company.

A modern home office setup with dual monitors, laptop on wooden desk, ergonomic chair, and a potted indoor plant

I started my career in the design space in 2006, right after graduating from Maryland Institute College of Art with a degree in Graphic Design.

I worked for an agency in Baltimore called Fastspot, starting as an intern and eventually working my way up to design director.

I fell in love with web design from the start, as it involved so many disciplines: design, animation & motion, writing, development, photography, videography, etc.

The interactivity of the web always kept me interested. 

I’ve had the privilege of working on award-winning work at Fastspot. Some notable projects:

Now, with Deeo we’re looking to focus our offerings specifically on brand & web.

I’m really excited to build something new from the ground up with my partner Monica Sanchez, which sparked changing up my workspace.

I wanted a space that was inviting, portable, and focused on productivity.

When I get to my desk now, there are no distractions and it really allows me to focus and get going.

In my free time, I love travelling and just hanging out with my family.

A close-up view of a sleek home office desk featuring dual LG monitors, an open laptop with gradient wallpaper, potted cactus plant, assorted pens, and computer accessories on a wooden surface

My two boys (seven & nine) are into sports right now, so it’s fun to get outside and play soccer or basketball.

For myself, I find time in the morning before everyone wakes up to go to my local Crossfit gym, Push511, where I’ve been a member since 2011.

It really helps to start my day knowing I’ve already accomplished something really hard.

Take us through your setup

Item Model
Desk Uplift Standing Desk
Monitor LG 27UK650-W
Monitor mount VIVO Dual Monitor Desk Mount
Laptop 16″ MacBook Pro M1 Max
Chair Herman Miller Aeron
Docking station Anker 778 Thunderbolt
External storage OWC ThunderBay 4

Before refreshing my setup, I had a 27″ iMac with a second display.

It worked well, and I loved the 5K display but the computer was showing its age, especially with 4K video work.

An organised home office setup showcasing an Apple iMac computer with a vibrant wave-patterned wallpaper, a secondary monitor displaying the same wallpaper, a potted cactus plant, a stack of design-related books, assorted writing utensils, and a comfortable ergonomic chair

I also didn’t like that I was stuck with a desktop computer and couldn’t move around.

Fast forward to now, I spent about two weeks getting my new desk setup completed.

The key features are:

I find that I’m way more productive having a laptop versus a desktop now.

A contemporary workspace featuring two large LG monitors with gradient wallpapers, a sleek laptop with a similar wallpaper, an assortment of colored pens in a holder, a decorative coaster, and a couple of compact desktop speakers. The devices are neatly arranged on a wooden table

Previously, I really had to be locked in and ready to work at my desk to get going.

Now, I tend to unplug my laptop from my desk & monitors and have it around me throughout the day.

That way if I’m eating lunch or want to go to a coffee shop to work, it’s so easy.

However, I still make sure I’m not always working every minute of the day. Just good to know that when an idea or inspiration strikes, I can get into it quickly.

A modern workspace setup with dual LG monitors displaying gradient wallpapers. A laptop sits on the wooden desk, paired with a small collection of coloured pens and a decorative coaster. To the left of the workspace is a potted cactus plant, adding a touch of nature to the room. An office chair with a mesh back is partially visible, indicating a comfortable seating area

As a designer, photographer, and filmmaker having two 4k displays is amazing.

I’m always utilising all the screen space and often have multiple apps open at once (Figma, Lightroom, FCPX).

My setup of having the two displays above my centred laptop is new, but I’ve really grown to like it and have no issues.

I also love having my MacBook screen utilised as well instead of in clamshell mode. Especially if I need to really check something for colour.

A man is sitting at a wooden desk, deeply engrossed in his work. He is facing a set of dual monitors which display a prominent text DEEO and some design layouts

I’ve had lower back issues for a while and found that most of it was attributable to sitting down for long hours.

Having a desk that can switch between sitting/standing has been great. If my back feels tight, I switch to standing.

If I get tired while standing, I switch back to sitting.

Everything is in moderation for me. I didn’t want to go all in one way or the other.

A modern interior with bright skylight, white walls, and colourful abstract wall art, complemented by a decorative black wrought iron railing

Since I work from home, the office is on my third floor in a Baltimore row home.

It’s a long and narrow space (16 ft wide), but I have my workspace setup in a great spot next to the living space. It gets a lot of natural light from the doors to the deck and our skylights.

My workspace is connected to the living space. There’s a TV and couch right next to me.

I never use the TV except for AirPlaying music to it from my computer.

A contemporary home office setup featuring a dual-monitor display with vibrant blue patterns, alongside a laptop on a wooden desk, ergonomic chair, and cosy living room area in the background

I do however use the couch to relax when I need a break or to move to something comfortable to work on.

The more challenging aspect is when my two boys (nine & seven years old) pop up and decide to play soccer inside.

That’s when the beauty of the mobile workspace comes into play and I can just move downstairs if they’re too distracting.

A spacious living area featuring an abstract brown and white wall art, with a view of a well-organised home office setup in the background, alongside a comfortable seating area and a balcony entrance with decorative railings

I’d like to add more photography & prints around my desk. However, my workspace is really focused on productivity right now. The personal touches will come soon!

Also I’d like to improve my cable management.

Something I’ve never been good at, but I’m slowly improving it. It gets tricky with the standing/sitting desk to make sure all the cable lengths work well.

Next on my list is adding a desk lamp and some more artwork.

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What’s your favourite item on your desk?

My favourite item has to be my 16″ MacBook Pro M1 Max.

I opted for the internal 4TB storage which allows me to keep a lot of projects local. No need to carry extra SSD drives around.

I love that I can disconnect from the dock and move around my house or work at a coffee shop.

I also keep a pair of Crush Grippers on the desk to maintain that hand strength!

What apps or tools do you use to get things done?

Since I flex between design, photo, and video, I’m going to split these up:

Design, Brand, Business:

  • Figma
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Framer (built our studio site with this)
  • Spline (3D) — something new I’m learning
  • Slack — internal communication with my business partner
  • Trello — client management
  • Notion — business admin & notes
  • Apple Notes — for quick thoughts or ideas, I find that Apple Notes is the best!

Photo & Video:

What books, blogs, or podcasts recently caught your attention?

I used to listen to a lot of podcasts but have found lately I haven’t had as much free time.

I would listen to:

For design inspiration, these are my go-to’s:

Any tips for other makers who want to improve their workspaces?

Try not to over complicate it.

Really think about how you want to feel when you’re working, and then design the space around that.

What does your typical day look like?

Typical day looks like this:

  • 5:30 am — Wake up
  • 6:00 am — CrossFit gym
  • 7:15 am — Help get the kids ready for school
  • 8:30 am — Check emails and Slack
  • 9:00 am — Shower and get ready
  • 9:30 am — Begin work
    • Talk to biz partner
    • Figure out priorities
    • Start work
  • 11:30 am — Break for a short walk
  • 11:45 am — Lunch
  • 12:30 pm — Work
  • 2:30 pm — Break for a walk
  • 3:00 pm — Hang with kids for a bit
  • 3:30 pm — Work
  • 5:00 pm — Wrap up work

I’ve been remote/hybrid since 2020.

Really love the flexibility that being remote offers and the additional time to spend with my wife and kids.

Even just getting to eat lunch together or go on a short walk is so nice.

It’s simple but meaningful.

Your tips for working from home?

I really try to start by prioritising what needs to get done for the week.

We do that on Monday, and then that informs how each day will go.

I try to keep social media (Twitter or X, IG) for when I need a break and want to get away from my desk.

A man sitting at a desk with multiple computer monitors displaying graphics and text. The desk has various office items, including a laptop, a plant, and stationery. The room features a modern interior with a white wall background

If I leave those open on my desk, I can find that a lot of time will go by. So, eliminating those while working helps with focus.

I recommend taking breaks and walking outside. It always helps me feel better and keeps me energised.

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