24 Minimal Desk Setup Ideas

A blend of simplicity and functionality that might just inspire your next workspace revamp.

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Imagine this: your workspace, but sleeker, sharper, and tailored for productivity.

Minimalism in desk setups is way more than just a game of fewer knick-knacks and less clutter. We’ve scoured the globe and seen firsthand how a minimalist approach can turbocharge your work while keeping your mental peace in check.

So, buckle up and get ready for some inspiration to give your desk a makeover that’s as smart as it is stylish.

Black and white minimal workspace (Edinburgh)

Carl’s minimal desk setup is all about chic, monochromatic aesthetics, featuring a matte black desk and chair combo that stands out against the clean, white walls.

It’s a home office that captures the essence of contemporary minimalism, with every element carefully chosen for its form and function.

A minimalist black and white home office with a sleek black desk, ergonomic mesh chair, and contemporary desktop accessories under a simple pendant light
Photo by Carl Barenbrug

Key elements: The setup is dominated by a large, matte black desk that provides a spacious area for work, supporting a monitor and laptop with plenty of room to spare. The ergonomic mesh chair complements the desk’s clean lines, promising comfort during long work sessions. A classic pendant light hangs above, casting an even glow across the workspace, enhancing the sharp contrast of the black furniture against the white room.

Design approach: Carl’s design approach is rooted in minimalism. He opted for a monochrome colour scheme that delivers a striking visual impact while maintaining a distraction-free environment. The furniture’s selection emphasises clean lines and functionality, creating a cohesive look that’s both stylish and practical.

Functional home workstation (Prague)

Faizur’s minimal desk setup boasts a space-efficient design, featuring a compact desk with a smooth, matte finish and a single, streamlined drawer for essentials.

The layout is complemented by a slim office chair and a few well-placed, low-profile accessories, ensuring a tidy, uncluttered workspace.

A modern and well-organised minimal desk setup with a large monitor displaying a colourful graphic design project, a sleek white desk lamp, speakers, a black mechanical keyboard and mouse, a notebook, potted plant, and various desk accessories in a bright room
Photo by Faizur Rehman

Key elements: Faizur’s workspace is a blend of functionality and minimal design. The ergonomic chair and compact desk with smart storage showcase the importance of comfort and efficiency in a minimal setup.

Design approach: Faizur leveraged digital tools such as Milanote and Notion, not just for ideas, but to structure his desk setup building process effectively. Understanding the space’s primary function guided him in making tailored choices for arrangement and dècor. Faizur started simple, picking up basics like a standing desk and an ergonomic office chair, and ended up with a functional, personal minimal desk setup that works just right for him.

Scandinavian minimal workspace (Copenhagen)

Lars’ minimal home office setup is neatly tucked into a bright corner, sporting a broad desk with smart storage solutions to keep things tidy.

It’s a relaxed space, complete with white pegboards for organising gadgets, a dedicated nook for a collection of books, and a comfortable chair to round off this serene home office.

Photo by Lars, a Danish data scientist

Key elements: Embodying Scandinavian minimalism, Lars’ workspace features clean lines, lots of storage, and an off-white colour scheme, accented with vibrant pops of colour. The standing desk goes up and down so he can switch between sitting and standing, which is good for his back.

Design approach: Lars’ design vibe is all about keeping it tidy yet practical. He stashes away the rarely used stuff with plenty of storage, while his go-to items chill under the table or hang out on pegboards. For Lars, a workspace is for work, not for storage, so he aims to keep his desk neat and clear. It’s his formula for an inviting, clutter-free zone.

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Italian minimalist home office

Mattia’s bedroom desk setup strikes a balance between minimalism and personality, featuring a grey desk paired with a stylish ergonomic chair for those long work sessions.

Above the desk, a lively ivy plant cascades from a floating shelf, adding a touch of greenery, while a functional pegboard and vibrant artwork keep the space feeling fresh and creative.

A minimalist bedroom desk setup with a grey adjustable desk, ergonomic mesh chair, dual speakers, and a black pegboard
Photo by Mattia, a.k.a SirBean

Key elements: This setup features a height-adjustable desk providing the perfect foundation for a productive day, with enough space for a large monitor and some cool desktop accessories. An ergonomic chair sits ready to offer support during those long stretches of work or gaming. Surrounding the workspace, a mix of practical and personal touches like a leafy ivy, a snappy pegboard for tools, and some eye-catching artwork and books give the space a vibe that’s both professional and homey.

Design approach: In his bedroom desk setup, Mattia has managed to marry functionality with personal flair, creating a workspace that’s efficient yet comfortable and inviting. It embraces minimalism without sacrificing character.

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Minimal desk setup for a developer (London)

Asher’s home office setup is a model of modern minimalism, featuring a broad, white desk that creates a spacious area for development work, accompanied by a vivid, large monitor that brings a pop of colour to the professional environment.

This workspace is streamlined and efficient, with the cool grey walls offering a neutral backdrop for both concentration and creativity.

A home office desk setup with a white desk, colourful widescreen monitor, high-fidelity speakers, and a tablet stand, against a backdrop of grey walls with framed technical art
Photo by Asher Mitilinakis

Key elements: At the heart of this workspace is a generous white sit-stand desk with a striking monitor, providing ample room for coding and multitasking. High-quality Edifier MR4 speakers sit on either side, offering an immersive audio experience, while on the wall, framed tech gadgets teardowns reflect Asher’s passion for the field. Beneath the desk, a well-thought-out cable management system keeps the space uncluttered and focused. There’s also an office footrest for ergonomic comfort during intense programming hours.

Design approach: This setup desk celebrates refined, modern minimalism where each element serves a purpose, reflecting a developer’s need for an uncluttered, focused environment. The aesthetic is one of understated sophistication, employing neutral tones and pops of colour to stimulate creativity without distraction.

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Well-organised creative workspace (Barcelona)

Nuria’s minimal workstation offers a clean and uncluttered look, with a light wooden desk and a comfortable swivel chair that make it an ideal spot for focused creative work.

It’s complemented by a pegboard for handy organisation, a cosy armchair nearby for breaks, and plenty of natural light streaming in from the window.

A minimalist home office with a light wood desk, ergonomic office chair, laptop with external monitor, pegboard with headphones, and a comfortable armchair with a throw blanket
Photo by Nuria Quero

Key elements: Anchored by a light wooden desk, this designer’s setup provides a spacious surface for both digital and paper tasks, with a laptop-and-monitor combo for efficient screen real estate. The ergonomic office chair invites long hours of productive work without strain, and a nearby pegboard keeps essentials within arm’s reach while maintaining a neat space. An armchair with a throw offers a snug nook for those moments of downtime, blending comfort with the workspace’s overall minimalist ethos.

Design approach: A blend of minimalism and practicality created a workspace that’s as stylish as it is functional. Neutral tones and natural materials foster a calm and inviting atmosphere, while the thoughtful placement of furniture and art pieces optimises the room’s flow and utility.

Clean and minimal B&W desk setup (Toronto)

Cory’s desk setup nails a monochrome theme with its glossy white desk and modern, black chair, creating a striking contrast that looks both stylish and professional.

It’s a workspace that knows the power of simplicity, with a neat arrangement of tech and a pegboard for that clean, organised look.

A minimalist home office featuring a white desk, black ergonomic chair, computer monitor, microphone, headphones, and a pegboard with neatly hung accessories against a light grey wall
Photo by Cory Johnson

Key elements: The setup is defined by a clean white desk, providing a crisp, clutter-free work area that’s complemented by a sophisticated matte black Alienware monitor and matching peripherals. The ergonomic chair in black offers a comfortable seat for long hours of work, while the pegboard on the wall serves as a practical spot to hang headphones and tech, ensuring everything has its place. The monochromatic colour palette gives the room a modern, cohesive look.

Design approach: The strategy here is minimalism with a purpose, using a monochrome palette to create a space that’s both timeless and on-trend. Every element is selected for both function and form, from the ergonomic furniture to the streamlined tech. The use of a pegboard as a storage solution is a nod to the ethos of “a place for everything and everything in its place”, marrying organisation with smooth design.

Smart, minimalist home office (Spain)

Jonatan’s smart desk setup is a perfect example of clean design. It features a light wood desk that provides a warm, natural feel, topped with a monitor that adds a splash of colour with its wallpaper.

It’s a space that feels open and calm, with a sleek laptop and the essentials laid out on a tidy mat, next to a soothing, tall indoor plant.

A minimalist desk with a light wooden surface, featuring an Apple monitor displaying colourful graphics, a laptop on a grey mat, a black mouse, and a green indoor plant in the background
Photo by Jonatan Castro

Key elements: The heart of this setup is a light wood desk, bringing a touch of nature indoors, paired with an Apple Studio Display. A grey desk mat underlines the laptop and mouse, delineating a specific work zone on the otherwise unadorned surface. Off to the side, a verdant plant stretches upwards, adding a sense of tranquillity and a breath of fresh air to the minimalist arrangement.

Design approach: The design philosophy here is about embracing simplicity with impactful minimalism, allowing each element to breathe and serve its purpose without overcrowding. Natural wood textures meet tech sleekness, creating a harmonious workspace that’s both aesthetically pleasing and mentally soothing. It’s a tailored space that reflects a conscious choice for clarity and focus, with just a hint of nature and colour to inspire creativity.

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Minimal and spacious standing desk setup (Florida)

Logan’s minimal desk setup keeps it simple and stylish, with a natural wood desk providing a warm contrast to the cool grey walls, and an adjustable standing frame for a healthy working posture.

The clean lines and open feel make it a haven for focus, with a tidy shelf and snug sofa complementing the spacious vibe.

A minimalist workspace with a large wooden desk, single monitor, laptop on a stand, an armchair with a throw, and decorative floating shelf in a room with grey walls
Photo by Logan Liffick

Key elements: At the centre of this workspace is a generous wooden desk, providing plenty of space to spread out, with a single large monitor (Apple Studio Display) for an expansive view and a laptop on a stand for dual-screen efficiency. A floating shelf above the desk keeps essentials at hand yet out of the way, maintaining the open feel, and an inviting sofa with a throw suggests a cosy spot for those well-earned breaks.

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Design approach: This desk setup marries minimalism with spaciousness, emphasising an open and airy feel that promotes a clear mind and efficient workflow. The substantial desk surface invites an uncluttered approach to work, while the combination of a monitor and laptop setup optimises the space without overwhelming it.

Minimal architect home workspace (Philippines)

Emmie’s architect desk setup is the definition of minimalist chic, featuring a smart black and grey colour scheme that exudes modern professionalism.

A single, large monitor dominates the workspace, surrounded by high-quality speakers and neatly organised accessories, all under the soft glow of ambient lighting.

A modern minimalist desk setup with a large monitor, studio speakers, a sound interface, and stylish desktop accessories, all placed on a clean white desk against a dark wall with a decorative shelf above
Photo by Emmie Villegas

Key elements: The centrepiece of this setup is a large LG monitor, perfect for detailed work, flanked by studio-quality speakers that promise an immersive audio experience. The desk remains uncluttered, thanks to smart storage solutions like a phone stand and a compact keyboard, ensuring everything has its place. Subtle backlighting reduces eye strain and adds to the ambiance, enhancing the moody, focused environment.

Design approach: The design philosophy here revolves around creating a space that’s both visually pleasing and functionally sound, with technology and style going hand in hand. The dark wall serves as a striking backdrop, bringing out the contrast of the illuminated equipment and highlighting the workspace’s clean lines.

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Minimalist battlestation (Finland)

Joel’s gaming desk setup combines minimalism with a touch of nature, featuring two monitors on a spacious desk, softly lit by ambient backlighting that creates a warm, inviting space.

Fresh flowers and greenery on the shelf above bring a burst of life to the scene, which is casually watched over by a furry four-legged friend.

A minimalist desk with a single monitor, ambient backlighting, floating shelf with plants and headphones, accompanied by a friendly dog
Photo by Joel Honkanen

Key elements: This setup is anchored by a roomy desk that houses two large monitors, ideal for both work and play, with a warm backlight that adds a cosy glow to the room. A floating shelf adorned with plants injects a sense of calm and brings the outdoors in. It’s a battlestation that balances functionality with personal comfort, making it a delightful space for any quest at hand.

Design approach: The design here celebrates simplicity, functionality, and mental wellbeing, with a layout that’s clean yet infused with natural elements. The ambient lighting not only serves a practical purpose but also enhances the overall mood, creating a calm and focused space. It’s a thoughtfully curated area that recognises the importance of a relaxed environment, where gaming is accompanied by the tranquillity of nature and the companionship of a pet.

Cosy attic workspace (Netherlands)

Wouter’s minimal attic desk setup is a masterclass in understated style, with a warm wooden desk that stands against the soft glow of natural light from the window, providing a tranquil spot for work or study.

The modern, adjustable desk frame pairs seamlessly with the classic leather chair, offering both form and function in a bright, airy, and cosy space.

A simple attic home office setup with a height-adjustable wooden desk, leather office chair, large monitor, and decorative Edison bulb lamps, bathed in natural sunlight
Photo by Wouter de Bres

Key elements: Perched by the attic window, the wooden desk offers ample space for the Apple Studio Display, essential for productivity, while providing a view that can inspire and refresh. The desk’s height adjustability caters to ergonomic comfort, whether sitting in the stylish leather chair or standing. Decorative touches like the vintage-style Edison bulb lamps lend a warm ambience, making it a space that’s as inviting as it is functional.

Design approach: There’s a seamless blend of modern utility and classic aesthetics. The use of natural materials like wood and leather introduces warmth to the minimalist setup, while the strategic placement by the window utilises natural light to enhance focus and well-being.

Apple-like PC desk setup (New York)

SJ’s minimalist setup is a nod to Apple’s clean design language, flaunting a compact yet powerful PC system that melds seamlessly into the living space.

It’s a workspace, where functionality meets urban chic on a warm wooden desk, complemented by the soft luminance of a classic desk lamp.

An Apple-like minimal desk setup with a sleek monitor, tablet, retro desk lamp, and a glass orb, all arranged on a wooden desk against a backdrop of minimalist decor
Photo by SJ Zhang

Key elements: The desk anchors a PC setup that captures the essence of Apple’s minimalist aesthetic, with an LG UltraFine 5K monitor and tablet poised for productivity, avoiding the flashy RGB lights typical of gaming rigs. The angled desk lamp and glass orb add a touch of retro and contemporary décor, contributing to the room’s relaxed yet focused atmosphere.

Design approach: The creator’s vision for this setup was clear: to integrate the efficiency and simplicity characteristic of Apple products into a PC workspace that complements the polished vibe of a New York City home interior. By choosing a palette of natural wood, monochrome tones, and strategic lighting, the home office evokes a sense of calm sophistication.

Treadmill productive desk setup (San Francisco)

Michelle’s desk setup is cleverly designed for health and productivity, featuring a sturdy standing desk with an under-the-desk treadmill for those deep work walks, and a stylish office chair for more formal meeting moments.

It’s a space that blends functionality and wellness, with a view of lush greenery to inspire and a pop of vibrant colour from the plush sofa to relax.

A home office with a standing desk and under-desk treadmill set against a window with a green view, complemented by a stylish office chair and vibrant green sofa
Photo by Michelle Fang

Key elements: The ApexDesk standing desk provides an ideal platform for both a monitor and laptop, enabling a versatile work environment that accommodates active walking sessions on the treadmill or seated meetings in the chic office chair. Positioned by a window, the desk benefits from an abundance of natural light and views of nature, which enhance the sense of space and serenity. The room is thoughtfully accented with personal touches like plants and artwork, creating a harmonious balance between a productive workspace and a tranquil living area.

Design approach: Holistic well-being combines elements of active working with the calmness of residential comfort. The choice of a treadmill desk reflects a commitment to staying physically active, while the surrounding décor, including the sofa and indoor plants, ensures the space remains inviting and vibrant. It’s a multifunctional area that supports a dynamic lifestyle, blending the boundaries between work, health, and relaxation.

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Well-designed standing desk setup (Cape Town)

Daniel’s minimal desk setup is a study in organised calm, with a clean white desk hosting a monitor raised to eye level for ergonomic comfort, and a pegboard that keeps essentials within easy reach.

Nestled in a bright corner, the space is accented with a lush green fern, adding a touch of nature to the modern work environment.

A bright and minimal home office with a white desk, ergonomic chair, raised computer monitor, pegboard organisation, and a vibrant fern plant
Photo by Daniel Klopper

Key elements: This workspace is designed for efficiency, with a monitor stand that not only elevates the screen to an optimal height but also provides extra storage underneath. To the right, a functional pegboard offers a smart solution for keeping work accessories organised and off the desk. The addition of the fern plant introduces a natural, relaxing element to the space, while the comfy, ergonomic chair promises comfort during long hours of productivity.

Design approach: The design approach here leverages simplicity and functionality, combining clean lines and uncluttered surfaces with smart storage solutions like the pegboard. The use of white for the desk and wall creates a sense of openness, maximising the effect of natural light in the room.

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Minimal workspace in an old school building (Philadelphia)

Mike’s minimal workspace, set within the nostalgic walls of an old school building in Philadelphia, pairs a rich wooden desk with modern tech, creating a harmonious blend of past and present.

The large monitor takes centre stage, flanked by greenery that injects life into the historic setting.

A minimal workspace with a wooden desk, large monitor, laptop, and classic leather chair in an old school building, with lush plants adding a touch of greenery
Photo by Mike Smith

Key elements: The warm wooden desk, juxtaposed with the modern monitor, creates a functional space that respects the building’s scholastic roots. It’s evidenced by the presence of a chalkboard, which is now used for handwritten to-do lists.

Design approach: There’s a respectful nod to the location’s heritage, intentionally incorporating the rustic charm of the former school class into a minimalistic office space that caters to modern work habits. The combination of old and new is seamless, and this workspace boasts the timeless appeal of blending historical elements with the clean, functional needs of the present.

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Monochrome custom PC desk setup (Manila)

Jovie Brett’s minimal home office setup exudes a modern, cool vibe with its elegant monochrome colour palette, backlit by subtle purple hues that give the space a relaxed, yet futuristic feel.

Anchored by a streamlined Lenovo monitor and a custom PC case, the workstation is stylish and functional.

A contemporary home office setup with a black Lenovo monitor, custom white PC case with cooling fans, backlit by ambient purple lighting, complemented by a mechanical keyboard and gaming mouse
Photo by Jovie Brett Bardoles

Key elements: The setup features a Lenovo monitor perched on a clean, white desk, flanked by a custom white PC case showcasing impressive cooling fans, hinting at the power within. Ambient purple lighting casts a soothing glow, creating a calm atmosphere for work and gaming sessions alike. Key accessories like the Corsair K60 RGB Pro SE mechanical keyboard and Corsair Katar PRO wireless mouse sit ready for action, while a small potted plant adds a touch of life to the modern aesthetic.

Design approach: Building this setup was all about creating a minimalist yet functional space that harnesses the power of colour psychology with its purple backlighting to boost creativity and focus. The custom PC case represents a blend of performance and aesthetics, visible through its clean lines and open design.

Zen loor chair & desk setup for two (Singapore)

HL’s minimal dual workspace, inspired by the simplicity of Japanese design, pairs the clean lines of a wooden desk with the grounded comfort of floor chairs, creating an inviting, Zen-like workspace.

Here, technology meets tranquility, set against the soft light filtered through the blinds.

A minimalist workspace with a Japanese aesthetic, featuring dual monitors on wooden stands, floor chairs, and a peaceful atmosphere accentuated by natural light
Photo by HL (Thoughtworthy Co)

Key elements: This dual workspace embraces the principle of less is more, with two monitors resting on wooden stands and floor chairs that encourage a posture of relaxed alertness. The arrangement promotes a sense of calm efficiency, with plants adding a touch of nature, and the soft light creating a soothing ambiance for both work and meditation. The simplicity of the setup is a nod to the Japanese art of decluttering, fostering a clear mind for focused tasks.

Design approach: Embracing the Japanese principles of simplicity and function, this design strips back to essentials, boosting focus and well-being. Floor-style seating merges comfort with a grounded, earthy feel. Wood details and plants infuse nature throughout, echoing Japan’s deep-rooted respect for the natural world.

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Minimal standing desk setup in a skyscraper (New Jersey)

Set against the backdrop of a city skyline, Katie’s minimal desk setup captures the essence of urban simplicity with a neat, white desk and a contemporary ergonomic chair.

The floor-to-ceiling window, clean lines and uncluttered surface provide a tranquil space for productivity, in the warm glow of sunrises and sunsets.

A minimalist home office setup with an expansive city view, featuring a sleek white desk, ergonomic chair, laptop, and a potted plant
Photo by Katie Katie Eckstrom

Key elements: The desk’s unassuming design allows the captivating cityscape to take centre stage, encouraging inspiration from the bustling world outside. This space is all about experiencing the rhythm of the city from a place of calm and comfort.

Design approach: The design approach is intentionally restrained, letting the natural beauty and energy of the city environment infuse the workspace with life. The choice of a white desk and chair serves to reflect the light and enhance the sense of space, reinforcing the minimalist theme. It’s a workspace that balances the demands of professional life with the inspiration drawn from an ever-changing urban canvas.

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Minimal home office with a view (Melbourne)

Framed by a breathtaking urban vista, Josiah’s minimal desk setup offers a modern, functional space for creativity and productivity, with the city’s dynamic backdrop providing a daily dose of inspiration.

The sleek monitor and tidy arrangement of accessories and plants reflect a workspace designed for focus and efficiency.

A minimalist desk setup with a sleek monitor, terrarium, and MacBook, overlooking an impressive city skyline through large windows
Photo by Josiah Montassi

Key elements: Perched on the desk is a high-resolution Eve Spectrum monitor, perfect for detailed tasks, paired with a MacBook Pro for a seamless digital workflow. The terrarium alongside the tech adds a refreshing organic element, creating a balance between nature and electronics. Meanwhile, the Audio-Technica headphones hang within easy reach, suggesting a workspace that values both concentration and the comfort of music.

Design approach: This workspace’s layout thoughtfully integrates technology within a personal space, ensuring that the tools for work don’t overshadow the room’s residential feel. By incorporating elements of nature and carefully choosing a location that maximises the urban view, the setup encourages a sense of connection to the outside world.

Scandi-style RGB battlestation (Auckland)

Jar’s Scandinavian setup in New Zealand combines a cool, minimalist desk with RGB lighting, creating a battlestation that’s both functional and atmospheric.

The simple lines and muted tones are perfectly offset by the vibrant glow from the custom PC, giving the space a contemporary edge.

A Scandinavian-style workspace with minimal design, featuring an RGB-lit custom PC, dual monitors, ergonomic office chair, and ambient lighting
Photo by Jar Fernandez

Key elements: The Dell UltraSharp monitor paired with the MacBook offer ample screen real estate, perfect for both gaming marathons and productive workdays, while the RGB lighting from the custom-built PC adds a dynamic flair to the space. An ergonomic chair promises comfort and support, key for those longer sessions, and the framed artwork on the walls injects a touch of personality into the laconic setup. The overall ambiance is one of focused relaxation.

Design approach: The idea behind this setup is rooted in Scandinavian minimalism, embracing simplicity, functionality, and a connection to natural elements, as seen in the wooden accents and plant life. The RGB lighting introduces a modern, playful element to the space, reflecting the battlestation’s dual purpose for work and play. This setup is meticulously crafted to create a space that feels open and serene yet fully equipped for the demands of cutting-edge gaming.

Minimalist music production setup (Kraków)

Kamil’s unusual music production setup boasts a generous white desk that serves as a clean canvas for the array of high-quality recording equipment, all encased in a room with sound-dampening design.

The space is acoustically tuned and visually tranquil, providing an optimal environment for creative sound exploration.

A minimalist music production desk setup in Kraków, Poland, featuring studio monitors, a keyboard, a microphone, and acoustic panels
Photo by Kamil

Key elements: The central focus of this setup is the proffessional Yamaha studio monitors, positioned for ideal sound mixing, paired with a full-sized keyboard ready for composing. Overhead, strategically placed acoustic panels ensure pristine sound quality, essential for precise audio work. The room’s monochrome palette and functional design elements like the articulated microphone stand serve the dual purpose of form and function.

Design approach: Here, minimalism is embraced to enhance concentration and creativity, utilising a monochromatic colour scheme to reduce visual distractions and focus on the music. Acoustic treatment is cleverly integrated into the décor, demonstrating that studio functionality can coexist with stylish design.

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Black and white home workspace (Minnesota)

Graham’s primary design goal was to create a home office space that was simultaneously modern, minimalist, and comfortable.

This desk setup features a dual-monitor arrangement on a clean white desk, complemented by greenery that brings a refreshing vibe to the modern workspace.

A minimalist dual-monitor workspace with an ergonomic chair, decorative plants, and framed artwork, all neatly arranged in a bright, contemporary room
Photo by Graham Neff

Key elements: The dual monitors provide an expansive digital canvas, ideal for multitasking with ease. The addition of plants not only adds a pop of colour and life to the setup but also promotes a healthier, more oxygenated environment for productivity. Wall-mounted artworks, along with a striking antler piece that holds sentimental value, serve as conversation starters, reflecting the maker's personal taste and style.

Design approach: The design strategy here revolves around minimal distractions and maximum efficiency. The clean lines and white furniture create a sense of space and light. Thoughtful accents like the indoor plants, the antelope horns and art pieces bring character to the setup without creating clutter, maintaining a balanced aesthetic.

DIY PVC minimalist battlestation (Florida)

Justin crafted a desk setup that was reminiscent of a studio backdrop; seamless and clean.

This DIY PVC battlestation features a customised desk layout that’s both spacious and orderly. The setup is illuminated by ambient backlighting, creating a cool, inviting atmosphere for both work and play.

Photo by Justin Fogarty

Key elements: The heart of this battlestation is a desk crafted from PVC pipes, showcasing the creative and practical use of materials. To the side, a 3D printer stands ready for innovative projects, symbolising the fusion of technology and hands-on creativity that defines this space. Completing the setup, the soft glow of the ambient lighting enhances the relaxed yet productive vibe, complemented by the urban cool of the graffiti art.

Design approach: This battlestation is centred on customisation and clever use of unconventional materials, as seen in the PVC desk. The space reflects a passion for technology and self-expression, balancing a clean aesthetic with the distinctive personality of the graffiti artwork. It’s tribute to the DIY spirit, proving that with ingenuity, even the most functional spaces can have a unique character.

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