Minimalist home office of a content creator

Minimalist Home Office of a Content Creator in Italy

“Having a clean workspace with the essential tools that I need to work with is really important and influential in my workflow”

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Editorial Team
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Name: Mattia (also known as SirBean)

Location: Italy

Occupation: Student & Content Creator

Cost of setup: $1,2K

Social media: Instagram, Twitter, YouTube

Hello! Tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Mattia, and I’m a 19-year-old student who has always been passionate about creativity.

Since a young age, I’ve been engrossed in videography and photography, continuously refining my skills through dedicated practice.

A stylish monochrome standing desk setup

About a year ago, something significant changed in my life — I decided to turn my passion into a business.

It all started when a friend encouraged me to share my creations with a broader audience.

Taking the leap, I began posting my first wallpaper packs and was pleasantly surprised to see people purchasing them.

A minimalistic desk setup with an LG monitor, Apple iPad Pro, and Logitech MX Keys Mini keyboard

This positive response fuelled my desire to immerse myself in the world of content creation.

I embraced the journey of learning new techniques, studying successful creators, and pushing myself to improve constantly.

Throughout this process, I established a supportive community around my work and started collaborating with tech companies through barter arrangements.

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This opportunity allowed me to work with brands I’ve always admired, which made me even more enthusiastic about my chosen path.

At present, I enjoy the freedom of working as a freelancer, relishing the ability to set my own course.

However, I’m open to the possibility of exploring a role in a company project in the future, as it could be a valuable experience for my growth.

An Apple iPhone with a lit screen on a stand

I am wholeheartedly invested in my project, and to demonstrate this commitment, I recently launched my YouTube channel.

This platform has always fascinated me, and it played a significant role in enhancing my skills.

Despite the challenges and time-consuming nature of creating YouTube videos, I love the new level of excitement and fulfilment it brings.

Take us through your setup

Item Model
Monitor LG 27UL500P Monitor 27″
Monitor mount ARCTIC Z1 Basic
Monitor light bar BenQ ScreenBar Halo
Laptop MacBook Air M1 2020
Desk Standing desk featuring FLEXISPOT white mechanical legs and an IKEA LAGKAPTEN table top
Speakers Edifier MR4
Speakers stand Kanto SP9 Universal Desktop Speaker Stands
Keyboard Logitech MX Keys Mini
Mouse Logitech MX Master 3S
Chair Autonomous ErgoChair Plus, Sihoo Doro C300
Desk mat ULX Minimalist Desk Mat — Grey
Laptop stand Mobilefox
Wall poster Concerto II from Posterlad
Wall organiser IKEA SKÅDIS

The first key feature of my setup is the black Edifier speakers mounted on Kanto stands.

This is a recent addition, and I think it gives a unique look to the workspace.

An Edifier MR4 speaker on a Kanto stand in the minimal desk setup

Another crucial aspect for me is decluttering.

Having a clean workspace with the essential tools that I need to work with is really important and influential in my workflow.

This is the reason why I have decided to remove desk shelves or any accessory that does not have a specific function.

A minimal and clean bedroom desk setup for working from home

I started to build my setup some years ago, and I can say that only now have I finally reached an ultimate workstation.

The process of understanding which colours match better and finding the perfect look for the workspace required me a bit of time.

My workspace is actually my bedroom.

I couldn’t find the right spot for my workstation, so I just turned my bedroom into my studio.

This is also a big challenge for me because I have to manage and organise the space without ruining the functionality of the room.

A well-organised black and white home office desk setup

A while ago, I put up two IKEA shelves, but now I’m thinking of switching things up. I might just hang two pictures on the wall instead.

I have also recently discovered some products from Braun that are really aesthetic, and I’m probably going to buy one of their clocks.

What’s your favourite item on your desk?

My favourite item on my desk is the combination of Edifier speakers and Kanto stands.

I think this is the most iconic part of my setup because it makes it unique and different from other desks.

A close-up of a black Edifier speaker sitting on a Kanto stand

It’s also wonderful to be able to kick back and get into the zone with music that’s so clear and high-quality.

As a content creator, I had the opportunity to have these speakers directly from Edifier and then I decided to purchase Kanto stands from Amazon.

This upgrade cost $200, but it’s absolutely worth it.

A minimal desk setup with a Concerto II poster by Posterlad on a floating shelf

What apps or tools do you use to get things done?

Let’s be honest: these days, we constantly see more and more content about new tools and ways to be productive.

I think that most of the time, the best tools are those provided by default.

A black IKEA SKÅDIS pegboard

As an Apple user, I simply use the tools Apple offers to me.

So Apple Notes, Calendar, and Reminders are my main tools for organising my time, tasks, and activities.

What books, blogs, or podcasts recently caught your attention?

I’m currently reading a book about Grid Systems in Graphic Design to learn some new things in this field and broaden my design horizons.

If you’re curious about grids in design, this book is a must-have.

It’s not just well-made; it’s a friendly guide that invites anyone, regardless of experience, to explore and understand the world of grid systems.

Grid Systems in Graphic Design

A Visual Communication Manual for Graphic Designers, Typographers and Three Dimensional Designers

Check price on Amazon

Any tips for other makers who want to improve their workspaces?

I think you should take inspiration from all the cool setups online to create your very own workspace.

I did just that by using Pinterest to assemble a board, helping me pinpoint my favourite accessories and the perfect colour combination.

It turned my space into something truly personalised and just right for me!

The Concerto II wall art from Posterlad, the Grid systems book, and an ivy plant sitting on IKEA floating shelves

Your tips for working from home?

Scheduling all my tasks is like a secret weapon for me.

It’s how I take control of my time, understanding exactly what I’ve accomplished and what I could tackle next.

By using time blocks to manage my hours, I’ve turned time management into a finely-tuned art. It’s made all the difference!

To stay focused, I also listen to some instrumental music.

The MagSafe iPhone charger

To guarantee the best organisation of my time, every Sunday is a planning day. I lay out the week’s events and then make a commitment to stick to that plan.

Of course, things can change unexpectedly, but I try to follow the original plan as closely as possible.

This is my way of ensuring everything stays on track!

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