8 Apple Desk Setup Ideas (+1 Apple-Like PC Setup)

Distinct real-life workspaces that blend sleek design with everyday efficiency.

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Crafting an Apple desk setup that blends functionality with style can enhance your workspace.

In this article, we explore a variety of real-life Apple desk setups, each showcasing a balance of design and function.

From the sleek aesthetics of Apple products to their renowned performance, these workstations are not just about technology, but about creating a space that boosts productivity.

Each setup is unique, reflecting the personality and needs of its creator, and offers practical advice for those looking to revamp their own spaces.

Tech-savvy engineer’s Apple desk setup

Jacob Zacks, an R&D Semiconductor Test Engineer, has meticulously designed his workspace in Raleigh, North Carolina. Spanning 110 square feet and costing around $15.6K, this setup is a tech enthusiast’s dream​​.

Key components

Jacob’s desk features an array of high-end Apple and complementary products:

Unique aspects

Jacob views his workspace in three parts: the main desk for current tasks, a vintage section showcasing classic Apple products like the Apple II Plus, and an equipment closet. This division not only organises his space but also pays homage to Apple’s history​​.

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Challenges and preferences

Jacob faced challenges like refinishing his desk top, which he crafted from a butcher block. He also emphasises the importance of natural light, planning to prioritise it in his future workspace designs​​.

A contemporary Apple desk setup, accompanied by an iPad, iPhone on a charging stand, and a MacBook on a raised platform, flanked by abstract art and framed designs on the wall, on a wooden desk with a white drawer unit
Photo by Jacob Zacks

Workflow and productivity tips

Jacob’s typical day starts at 8 am, balancing work and personal life. He stresses the value of a dedicated workspace for maintaining focus, especially when working from home. His advice is straightforward: pick one aspect of your workspace to improve and focus on that​​​​.

Favourite item

Interestingly, Jacob’s favourite item isn’t on his desk but behind it: an Apple II Plus, a nostalgic piece and a symbol of his passion for Apple’s history​​.

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Versatile creative Apple workspace

Kevin Walton, a freelance creative professional in media and design, operates from his home in Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada.

His desk setup, costing approximately 13,500 CAD (around 10,200 USD), is tailored for his diverse freelance roles including video editing and design for clients like Hyundai Canada and SnapLogic USA​​.

A home office setup with dual Apple Studio Display monitors on a wooden desk, featuring a neon flamingo lamp, a hanging Edison bulb, framed black and white photographs on the wall, and ambient lighting
Photo by Kevin Walton

Key components

Kevin’s workstation is anchored by:

  • Dual Apple Studio Displays: These are central to his photo and video editing work, offering excellent colour accuracy and resolution.
  • 16″ MacBook Pro 2021: The core of his desk setup, with M1 Max chip, 8TB SSD, and 64GB RAM, providing high performance and multitasking capabilities.
  • Apple AirPods Max: Wireless over-ear headphones with active noise cancellation.
  • Standing Desk: Assembled by Kevin, this custom desk from Home Depot and IKEA allows for a healthy mix of sitting and standing, improving posture and energy levels.

Workspace design

This Apple workspace’s design focuses on reliability and aesthetics, with a modern and sleek look achieved through a hand-assembled standing desk. The space is further enhanced by Grovemade accessories and Philips Hue lights, controlled via a HomePod Mini​​​​.

Favourite item

Kevin’s favourite item is a TIDBYT retro-style display, a birthday gift from his cousin, displaying time, weather, and other useful information.

A wooden desk with a modern retro-style Tidbyt display showing digital art, flanked by a potted plant and a desk lamp, creating a cosy and tech-savvy workspace
Photo by Kevin Walton

Productivity tools

Kevin relies on apps like Things 3, Fantastical, Notion, Spark, and Premiere Pro, alongside the Apple ecosystem, to stay organised and efficient in his work​​.

Inspirations and tips

Kevin draws inspiration from the book Make Time by Jake Knapp, focusing on organising daily life meaningfully. He advises other creators to understand the “why” behind their workspace choices, emphasising the long-term value of such investments.

Daily routine and working from home tips

Kevin’s typical day varies, balancing client work and personal projects. He highlights the importance of noise-cancelling headphones, particularly the Apple AirPods Max for maintaining focus, especially given the challenges of working with ADHD.

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BasicAppleGuy’s minimalist Apple desk setup

BasicAppleGuy, located in Alberta, Canada, juggles a day job in healthcare with a passion for Apple products and creativity.

His compact desk setup, occupying a 100 square feet space, cost approximately $4,000, including various Apple devices and accessories​​.

A bright and organised desk setup featuring an Apple MacBook on a stand, iPad with keyboard, iPhone, HomePod, mechanical keyboard, and headphones, all neatly arranged on a white desk against a window with white blinds
Photo by BasicAppleGuy

His journey as BasicAppleGuy began as a pandemic-driven creative outlet. Despite a lifelong affinity for Apple, it wasn’t until 2020 that he established his presence in the Apple community. His workspace, originally for hobbies, transformed into a multifunctional area serving as an office, reading nook, guest room, and gym during the pandemic​​.

Key components

BasicAppleGuy’s setup includes:

  • M1 MacBook Air: His primary device, elevated on a TwelveSouth Curve Stand for better ergonomics.
  • Keychron K3 Keyboard: Chosen for its low profile and ease of use, contrasting his previous preference for Apple's keyboards.
  • iPad Air, iPhone, and HomePod mini: Each of these Apple products serves a specific purpose in his workflow.

Design philosophy and favourite item

BasicAppleGuy’s minimalist aesthetic, inspired by the principle of “less is more”, is evident in his choice of furniture and accessories. His favourite item is the 2020 Sky Blue iPad Air, valued for its versatility and convenience in both work and leisure activities.

A cheerful home office space with a MacBook, iPad, iPhone on a charging dock, and a mechanical keyboard on a white desk mat, complete with a coffee mug, decorative figurine, HomePod, and cosy quilted chair, against a backdrop of white blinds and a bookshelf
Photo by BasicAppleGuy

Daily routine and productivity tips

BasicAppleGuy’s typical day starts early, with a focus on maintaining a consistent sleep schedule. He promotes the importance of a routine that combines work, fitness, and leisure.

His workday involves patient interaction and administrative tasks, followed by creative endeavors in the evenings or weekends. For effective work-from-home productivity, he advocates for consistency, single-tasking, and creating a joyful work environment.

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Ergonomic Apple-inspired home office

Luca Mezzalira, based in London, UK, works as a Principal Serverless Specialist Solutions Architect at AWS.

His compact home office, encompassing just 65 square feet, shows how to make the most of small areas, with a setup cost of approximately £3,3K ($4,2K)​​.

An Italian expat and self-taught tech expert, Luca has been actively involved in tech communities, delivering talks worldwide, and authoring books on programming. His workspace embodies a blend of functionality and inspiration, designed to minimise distractions and maximise productivity​​.

Key components

Luca’s desk setup includes:

Workspace design and future plans

Despite sharing the room with his youngest daughter, Luca has created an ergonomic and efficient workspace. He emphasises the importance of a good chair, a high-quality screen, and an XLR microphone for his setup. He also plans a complete makeover of the room to further enhance his workspace​​.

Productivity tools and resources

For productivity, Luca relies on Apple Reminders for task management, MindNode for mind mapping, and Notion for capturing detailed information and project planning. These tools are integrated into his daily life for a seamless and efficient workflow​​.

A modern home office setup illuminated by ambient blue lighting, featuring an Apple Studio Display with a vibrant screensaver, a MacBook with AWS branding, ergonomic chair, desk lamp, and a framed artwork on the wall, all arranged on a clean desk
Photo by Luca Mezzalira

Inspiration and workspace improvement tips

Luca recommends starting small and iterating over time when improving a workspace. Understand the purpose of each item and carefully select what fits your needs, he says. Luca advises against hasty purchases: thoughtful consideration for each item you add to your workspace pays off in the long run.

Daily routine and work-from-home tips

Luca’s typical day is varied, involving office work, travel for talks, or working from home. He values breaking down tasks into manageable chunks and reducing distractions to maintain focus. For enhancing concentration, he recommends Lo-Fi playlists on Spotify as a background soundtrack​.

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Dual Apple Studio Display developer workspace

Brett Atkinson, based in Irvine, California, balances his career as a Branded Content Producer for Taco Bell with his passion for front-end development. His home office, measuring 260 square feet, is a modern and well-equipped space reflecting his dual professional interests​​​​.

A well-organised dual monitor Apple desk setup with ambient lighting, featuring an iMac, MacBook Pro on a stand, a HomePod, desk plant, desk lamp, and various accessories, positioned in front of a window with Venetian blinds
Photo by Brett Atkinson

Key components

Brett’s workspace is outfitted with:

Favourite items

His favourite items are the TIDBYT, an 8-bit display showing everything from weather to stocks, and the Apple Studio Displays, which he finds elevate his setup and productivity significantly.

Productivity tools

For productivity, Brett uses the Be Focused app, a Pomodoro timer, to structure his work and break times efficiently. This simple tool helps him maintain focus and manage tasks effectively, whether for work or coding​​.

An inviting workspace with a dual monitor setup, featuring an iMac, a MacBook Pro on a desk mat with a wooden accent, a potted plant, a stylish desk lamp, and a comfortable ergonomic chair, all set against a backdrop of a window with white blinds
Photo by Brett Atkinson

Inspiration and workspace improvement tips

Brett often visits MacRumors.com for tech news and follows MKBHD on YouTube for insights into the tech and gadget world. His advice for workspace improvement includes maintaining a neat and enjoyable environment, effective cable management, prioritising essential tools, and investing in good ergonomics​​.

Daily routine and work-from-home tips

With a hybrid work schedule, Brett’s days are varied. He usually starts his day with gym time, followed by work at his desk. His home setup allows him to switch between standing and sitting. Brett advocates for a balanced approach to remote work, encouraging breaks and activities outside work to maintain productivity and mental health.

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Black, white, and wood Apple desk setup

Nicolas Majou, from Hamburg, Germany, juggles multiple roles, including working as a children’s educator and a professional breakdancer. He has also ventured into digital marketing and tech photography, capitalising on his creative skills. His workspace, occupying 151 square feet, was set up with approximately $1,000 (excluding the cost of devices like a MacBook Pro and an iPad Pro​​​​).

A modern workstation with an iMac displaying a vibrant cloud scene, flanked by speakers, a bonsai tree, and creative framed wall displays of disassembled Apple products, illuminated by a desk lamp and ambient lighting
Photos by Nicolas Majou

Nicolas’s workstation, located in the bedroom of his new flat, reflects his aesthetic sensibilities and efficiency. He managed to score a perfect desk for just five euros from IKEA, which he customised to his liking, balancing the constraints of space and family life. His setup’s design blends white, wood, and black tones, contributing to a pleasing and productive environment​​.

Key components

Nicolas’s Apple desk setup includes:

  • Apple Thunderbolt Display: A cutting-edge 27″ LCD monitor introduced in 2011 and discontinued in 2016, with a high-resolution LED-backlit screen and the advanced Thunderbolt interface.
  • MacBook Pro and iPad Pro: Utilising Apple devices for digital work.
  • DeltaHub items: Enhancing the workspace with quality accessories.
  • Edifier Speakers: Providing high-quality sound for an immersive audio experience.
  • IKEA Desk: A large, white desk offering ample workspace.
  • Oakywood Desk Tray: Keeping small items organised and the desk tidy.
  • Balolo Desk Shelf: A unique wooden piece adding both function and style to the setup.

Favourite items and equipment

His favourite desk items are a wooden desk tray from Oakywood and a desk shelf from Balolo, known as the “setup cockpit.” These pieces not only add aesthetic value but also serve practical purposes in organising his workspace. Nicolas prefers Apple products for their operating system, ecosystem, and design. He finds Macs more reliable and long-lasting compared to PCs​​.

Daily routine and work-from-home tips

Nicolas’s daily routine varies, balancing family responsibilities, fitness, and work. His approach to working from home includes maximising every moment for productivity, maintaining self-discipline, and sticking to a strict routine while also embracing creativity and improvisation. He finds balancing structured work with the flexibility to adapt essential for productivity and well-being​​​​.

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Joyful design Apple desk setup

Rina Miele, based in New York City, US, is a seasoned freelance Creative Director and Designer. With a home office size of 142 square feet, she has been creating diverse experiences for various brands, from large corporations to small start-ups, since 2010​​​​.

A vibrant creative workspace with wall-mounted shelves displaying colourful figurines, a desk with dual Apple monitors, a drawing tablet, a professional microphone and camera equipment, set against a wall with ambient pink lighting in a room with warm yellow tones
Photo by Rina Miele

Key components

Rina’s workspace features:

Favourite item

Her favourite item on the desk is a 3D-printed metal goat, a memento from a successful branding project for GOAT Soap. It serves as a symbol of her accomplishments and a source of joy in her workspace​​.

Tools and applications

Rina uses a mix of traditional and digital tools for her design work, including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, and Sketch, as well as analogue tools like pencils, markers, and paper. For productivity, she utilises Ugmonk’s Analog system and apps like Apple Notes and Things for task and project management​​.

Media consumption and workspace tips

She enjoys podcasts like This American Life and various series from QCODE, which provide rich audio experiences and different perspectives on life. Rina emphasises the importance of creating a workspace that reflects one’s personality and inspires productivity. Her advice: be true to yourself and create a space that embraces who you are​​.

Daily routine and work-from-home Insights

Rina’s day typically starts early with photography, a major hobby of hers. She balances work with breaks, engaging in activities like gaming or visiting her photo studio and Lego Room for creative rejuvenation. She advocates for maintaining a work-life balance and has been successfully working a four-day workweek since 2010.

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Smart, minimalist Apple home office

Jonatan Castro, residing in Ourense, Galicia, Spain, is a Product Designer with an extensive background in the design industry.

He has worked with well-known companies like Opera and Vodafone and has been involved in various personal projects since 2009. His home office is 129 square feet in size and cost approximately $4,8K to set up​​​​.

A minimalist desk setup with an Apple iMac showcasing vibrant abstract wallpaper, accompanied by a MacBook, trackpad, and mouse on a grey desk mat, with books and a potted plant in the background, creating a clean and stylish workspace
Photo by Jonatan Castro

Key components

Jonatan’s office includes:

Favourite item and tech integration

His favourite item is the Bambu Lab X1 Carbon 3D printer, an innovative tool that transforms his digital designs into physical objects. Jonatan is also a tech and hardware enthusiast with a home office fully integrated into his home automation system, featuring servers running multiple virtual machines and services for local and cloud backups, secure storage, and DNS blocking.

Tools and applications

Jonatan uses Figma and Raycast as his primary tools for design and productivity. Figma helps in designing and collaborating, while Raycast serves as a modern tool for various tasks, acting like a personal assistant on his computer​​.

Media consumption and workspace tips

He recommends podcasts like The Happiness Lab and The Ten Percent Happier Podcast for insights into mindfulness and happiness. His book suggestions include Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker and The Culture Map by Erin Meyer for their informative and eye-opening content.

Daily routine and work-from-home insights

Jonatan’s typical day starts around 8-9 am and includes a balance of work, exercise, and personal projects. He values the benefits of working from home, such as avoiding commuting and having control over his environment. His work-from-home tips include establishing a designated workspace, dressing for work, and creating a consistent routine to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

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Bonus: Apple-like PC desk setup

SJ Zhang, based in New York City, US, works at a wealth management startup, Compound. In his free time, he enjoys over-engineering his personal website and sharing his build experiences on Twitter​​​​.

SJ has meticulously curated an Apple-like vibe for his PC setup, despite not featuring the typical lineup of Apple’s hardware. Straying from the expected, his workspace bridges the gap between Apple’s minimalist design language and the versatility of a custom PC build.

A minimalistic desk setup with a modern LG monitor, tablet stand, keyboard on a leather mat, designer lamp, and decorative items, including books and a glass orb, all bathed in natural light
Photo by SJ Zhang

Key components

SJ’s setup includes:

Favourite item

His most valued item is the wireless 3-in-1 charging stand by Native Union, appreciated for its functionality and design. This stand keeps his phone, Apple Watch, and AirPods neatly together and fully charged​​.

Tools and applications

SJ favours productivity software and keyboard-centric tools such as Arc Browser for web browsing, Superhuman for email efficiency, Figma for design work, VS Code for development, and Notion for content management. He also utilises Texts app for all his messaging.

Daily routine and work-from-home tips

SJ’s typical day starts around 8-9 am, balancing work with personal hobbies like gaming and photography. His work-from-home tips include having a designated workspace, dressing for work, and creating a routine to maintain a clear boundary between work and personal life.

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