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How to Hide Clutter in a Home Office: 10 Creative Ways

These decluttering life hacks are so smart, they practically do the work for you.

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Editorial Team
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We all know the struggle of keeping a home office tidy.

It’s not just about looking good for those video calls. It’s about staying sane and feeling good at your workstation.

So, let’s dive into some quick and nifty tricks to get that clutter under control.

1. Master the under-desk zone

Quick hack: Fit some neat cabinets or pull-out drawers right under your desk. Think a mini filing cabinet or just simple baskets.

A cosy, artistic home office with a computer on a white desk, surrounded by plants and pegboards, an ergonomic chair, IKEA ALEX drawers, and a large succulent painting on the wall
Photo: Stefana Teodoroiu’s creative hand-painted home office in Bucharest, Romania

Why it helps: It’s like having a secret storage spot. You can stash all your pens, notebooks and that collection of chargers that always seem to be in the way. Plus, they’re right there when you need them — no more rummaging around.

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2. Take it to the walls

Quick hack: Mount some shelves and pegboards above or beside your desk. These can be sleek floating shelves or even quirky, repurposed wooden crates.

A well-organised desk with an ultrawide monitor, flanked by pegboards and decorative shelves displaying collectible figures, plants, and miscellaneous items, in a room with a minimalist aesthetic
Photo: Ryoma Brunel’s geek WFH battlestation in New York City, US

Why it helps: This is all about making the most of vertical space. Put your favorite books, a plant or two, and those bulky binders up there. It keeps your desk clear for actual work, and everything looks organised and stays within reach.

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3. Thin out cable jungle

Quick hack: Grab a cable organiser — it could be a simple box where you tuck all the cables in, or clips and ties to keep them sorted.

Why it helps: It’s like a magic trick for your workspace — suddenly, all those annoying wires are out of sight. It reduces distractions and makes cleaning your home office a breeze.

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4. Go for smart furniture

Quick hack: Opt for a desk with built-in shelves or a multi-purpose ottoman. Think of it as furniture with benefits.

Why it helps: It’s a game-changer for small spaces. Your desk isn’t just a desk anymore; it’s a mini library or supply cupboard. And that ottoman is perfect for storing printing paper or those extra cables.

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5. Add some baskets and boxes

Quick hack: Pick some stylish baskets or decorative boxes that complement your room’s aesthetics. This way, everything gets a cosy new home, and your workspace starts to look like it’s straight out of a décor magazine.

Why it helps: They’re not just for hiding stuff. They add personality to your space. Pop in anything from random papers and cables to those earphones you always lose. They’re out of sight but still add to the room’s vibe.

6. Unlock door potential

Quick hack: Hang a storage organiser over your door. It could have pockets, hooks, or even small shelves. This move turns a usually overlooked space into a nifty storage hub, perfect for those bits and bobs you need quick access to.

A shared home office featuring two standing desks with ergonomic chairs and computers, a backpack and a tote bag hanging on the door, and pegboards with various items on the wall
Photo: Sam Dickie’s shared home office in Troon, Scotland

Why it helps: It’s like finding extra storage space out of thin air. Great for things you grab often, like headphones, notepads, or even snacks. And it’s a neat way to use space you probably never thought about.

7. Consider getting a foldable desk

Quick hack: A fold-down desk or wall-mounted drop-leaf table is perfect for tight spots. These space-saving options are practical for small areas, and they also add a modern, minimalist touch to a workspace.

Why it helps: You can pack away your whole work area when you’re done. It’s like having an office that appears and disappears at your command, giving you more room when you need it.

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8. Create a tech hideout

Quick hack: Designate a spot for your printer and other bulky tech, like a shelf in a closet or a cupboard.

Why it helps: It keeps these big items out of your main work area, which makes your space look cleaner, more focused and professional.

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9. Use labels

Quick hack: Get your label maker out and start tagging boxes, drawers, and folders. Suddenly, your desk isn’t a jumble but a super sorted command center where every item has a badge with its name on it.

Why it helps: It’s a simple trick that saves you tons of time. No more opening ten different boxes to find that USB-A to mini USB 2.0 cable. Everything has its place, and you know exactly where that is.

10. Get crafty with dividers

Quick hack: Create your own dividers or screens. Use a fabric curtain, a painted panel, or even a tall air-purifying plant.

Why it helps: DIY dividers are practical and let you inject some personality into your workspace. Plus, they’re great for separating work from the rest of your home life, especially if your office is in a shared space.

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There you go, ten doable and creative ways to beat the clutter in your home office. A little effort can transform your work area into a place where you feel calm, focused, and ready to tackle anything.

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