Beyond the Desk: 8 Quirky Home Offices in Odd Corners

Join us as we spotlight real-life, out-of-the-box desk setups from WFH crafty souls worldwide.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
Home Office Ideas

You might think you need a lavish office space to get things done.

Think again.

In the age of remote work, personalising a workspace at home has become an art. And some people have taken this art to a whole new level, turning the most unexpected nooks and crannies of their homes into productivity powerhouses.

Join us as we spotlight authentic, out-of-the-box workspaces from WFH crafty souls worldwide.

From broom closets turned into booming home offices to attic cubbies and under-the-bed desks, here are some of the most imaginative and effective home office transformations.

Sleeping high, working smart: loft bed desk setup

Nestled in the heart of New South Wales, Australia, Raymond Cripps is redefining what it means to truly maximise a small space.

By day, Raymond crafts worlds as an independent game developer, but by night (or perhaps during those much-needed work breaks), he’s travelling back to 2005, indulging in nostalgia with his PlayStation 2.

And all that in a single tiny room!

A small loft bed desk setup
A small loft bed desk setup by Australian game developer and content creator Raymond Cripps

Dividing his 13.5 m² bedroom right down the middle, Raymond has crafted a room of duality.

To one side, a sleek workstation with a custom-built PC finds its home beneath a space-saving loft bed. His desk setup is propped up by two IKEA ALEX units, ensuring plenty of storage space.

This setup boasts not one but two 27″ monitors, essential tools for his game development and streaming endeavours.

Raymond has even flipped his secondary monitor vertically, allowing him to effortlessly multitask between browsers, chat rooms, and his essential game engine or art program.

On the room’s other half, the scene shifts to relaxation and recreation.

Closest to the door, the room transforms into a cosy retro gaming nook, complete with a comfy couch, a vintage CRT television, and, of course, that beloved PS2.

Raymond’s small loft bed home office demonstrates that, with a little creativity and thoughtful planning, even a compact space can seamlessly blend work and play.

Small Loft Bed Desk Setup
“If I feel nostalgic on a particular day, I will chuck a disc in my PS2 and pretend it’s 2005”

From street to attic: covert creative den amidst Copenhagen rooftops

In the center of Copenhagen, within the confines of a grand 1885 apartment building, lives Zwitzh — a street artist with a deep sense for the profound.

Diverging from the glitz of ad agencies and the frenetic pace of chaotic environments, Zwitzh sought solace and calm, yearning for his personal corner of serenity.

High above on the sixth floor, past dark corridors and forgotten spaces, lies his sanctuary: an attic workspace imbued with an otherworldly charm.

Once a derelict room, untouched and bearing the raw imprints of time, it now stands transformed into a hidden creative haven.

Everything, from closing it off with boards for discretion to introducing light and warmth, has been a labour of love.

The room tells tales of discovery and thrift, featuring treasures like a reclaimed Labofa chair, a repurposed carpenter’s bench desk with a rich woodsy aroma, and even a salvaged fish cutter’s ladder — thankfully devoid of its original scent.

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Desk setup tours featuring antiques and quaint collectables.

While the city’s nooks and crannies capture the essence of Zwitzh’s street art, his attic stands as a personal tribute to the joy of creation, offering a subtle reminder of life’s simplest pleasures.

For Zwitzh, it’s more than just a workspace — it’s a place that whispers, “You are lucky.” And, in the often dizzying world of consumerism and modern art, this secret attic encapsulates a rare find: genuine contentment.

Secret, Cosy Attic Workspace by Zwitzh
After spending years in large, white-painted and over-decorated offices, surrounded by glittering and pretentious brands, Zwitzh had a strong urge to step out into the street and experience a more relaxed pace.

From closet to castle: tiny Anglophile oasis in Atlanta

US-based Rochelle McNally, an HR analytics professional, has transformed a minuscule 12×4 ft room into an oasis that echoes her love for England.

Atlanta, Georgia might seem worlds apart from the historical lanes of England, but step into Rochelle’s home office — and you’re instantly transported across the Atlantic.

While the exterior of her house boasts a quintessential American charm, this little room sings a different tune — a ballad of Anglophilic romance.

This journey began when Rochelle and her husband purchased a house that came with a rather unconventional space: a small room previously utilised as a walk-in closet.

While many might see such a room as redundant or, at best, storage space, Rochelle envisaged potential. Thus, it embarked on its new life as a tranquil home office for Rochelle’s meticulous data-focused work.

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Even the oddest closet corner may hold more potential than you think.

Much like an artist’s canvas, the walls and shelves of this workspace come alive with cherished memorabilia from Rochelle’s numerous sojourns to England.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this tiny home office exemplifies the power of personalisation. It’s more than a place to work — it’s a haven where memories reside, where passion meets professionalism, and where Rochelle is reminded daily of her love for a land across the sea.

Whether it’s the deep concentration required for her HR analytics tasks or just a moment of introspection, this serene Anglo-inspired corner ensures Rochelle is always in good company.

Small Home Office
Rochelle’s goal was to make her small office a calm, comfortable and organised place where she could focus on her work and also enjoy spending her time during the day.

In the Nordic nook: small music sanctuary

Amidst the chill of Northern Norway, Joakim – an electronic musician working under the pseudonym Memz – harmonises the ambient hums of nature with digital soundwaves within his intimate basement studio.

Though space is inherently small — perhaps even too tight — it is a deliberate choice.

The compactness and controlled RGB lighting augment the room’s “dungeon-like” ambience, perfectly resonating with Memz’s penchant for secluded spaces.

From the workstation to a two-seat sofa, the room has been meticulously curated so that wherever one may be, a musical instrument or toy is always within grasp, beckoning playfulness.

A small and moody music studio in the basement
Acoustic perfection may not have been achieved, yet the essence of creativity and wonder fills every tiny corner of Joakim’s music den

Speaking of equipment, the room is furnished with Focal Alpha 65 monitors. Despite their size — maybe a tad too large for such a confined space — their performance is par excellence, save for the minor hiccup of their auto-off feature.

For Memz, this space is both a reflection of his current musical journey and a stepping stone to something bigger. The basement studio is essentially a trial run before he crafts a more elaborate studio in his future home.

For now, in this small Norwegian den filled with inspiration, Memz proves that impactful music often comes from a personal, cosy space rather than a grand venue.

Small Music Room
“I thrive in small spaces”

Cold attic turned into a cosy WFH snug: creative garret with a view

In Voorschoten, the Netherlands, Wouter de Bres, a product designer with a background in psychology, has transformed his once damp, cold, dimly-lit attic into a snug and inspiring workstation that harmoniously marries design principles with psychological insights.

With minimal daylight, poor insulation, and two inconspicuous skylights, Wouter’s attic posed both a challenge and an opportunity.

Through careful planning and renovation spanning two months, he introduced dormers, enhanced roof insulation, and thus, crafted the ideal home office exuding both practicality and aesthetics.

Wouter de Bres, a designer from the Netherlands, schedules his day as he sits on his IKEA STRANDMON armchair in his attic workspace
Every morning, with sunlight streaming through his attic workspace’s windows, Wouter delves into design or plans his day from his favourite IKEA armchair draped in sheepskin

This blend of comfort with the rustic charm of the attic underscores his belief, inspired by Dieter Rams, that true design comes from understanding people.

Wouter’s workspace, filled with the warm glow of sunlight, boasts a walnut wood standing desk, perfectly fitting between the dormer, and a lot of ergonomic tools ensuring creativity never takes a back seat.

A home office in the a small attic with two windows shot from above
Wooster transformed a once chilly attic into a productive workspace with a cosy and warm lounging zone

This attic, more than a functional workspace, reflects Wouter’s transition from psychology to design. This is where he merges his past insights with present interests.

In his character-filled attic, defined by wooden beams and a sloping roof, Wouter’s home office is a masterclass in how deliberate design can unlock the potential of any space.

Cosy Attic Home Office
After living in his house for eight years, Wouter de Bres has renovated the attic to create the perfect home office space (with a window to enjoy the view).

Nestled in nature: designer’s garden office pod

In the warm embrace of Perth, Australia, Petar Ceklic found a creative solution to the commotion of familial life.

With two young sons, he needed a sanctuary to focus and deliver quality work for his clients. So, he built a standalone office pod in his garden.

Petar Ceklic, a freelance designer from Australia, working from his garden office pod
Petar’s garden WFH shed is a marvel of minimalist design and functionality

Beyond the bricks and mortar, the pod is a reflection of Petar’s determination, resilience and DIY spirit.

Nights and weekends were spent painstakingly crafting this office pod, with some expert guidance from his architect father-in-law.

The outcome? A perfect fusion of nature, design, and sheer will — Petar’s garden workspace stands as a living proof to what one can achieve with a vision and a touch of ingenuity.

Spread across a compact 3×3 m space, this garden pod radiates an industrial chic vibe with its honed concrete floor.

Yet, the journey to this finished oasis wasn’t without its challenges. As much as the honed concrete added to aesthetics and was easy on the pocket, it brought with it the issue of acoustic echo.

But, in the ever-adaptive spirit, Petar countered this by incorporating sound-damping tiles, ensuring clarity during conversations.

Bright and airy, it’s now primed for those all-important client Zoom calls, all while ensuring the sizzling Australian heat remains at bay thanks to a nifty cross-breeze design and reverse cycle AC.

Garden Office Pod of a Designer
“I built a standalone office pod in my backyard — having two boys, I needed a sanctuary to focus and deliver great work for clients”

Neon delight: the pink (and punk) dream den

Right in Bristol’s beating heart, Gavin Strange has pulled off something pretty wild. For those who think workspaces are boring, welcome to Gavin’s neon-pink den, a masterclass in how to make a statement.

Designed from the ground up in a secret Bristol spot, Gavin’s den is less of an office and more of a vibrant epicenter of creativity.

Built from scratch over three intense months, this space is the love child of Gavin’s imagination and his father’s hands-on skills.

Facing the challenges head-on, the duo navigated unpredictable costs and pesky delays (thank you very much, global pandemic) to craft a truly unique space.

More than just looks, this den is a hub of inspiration and tech. Decked out with figurines, skateboards, masks, and more, every inch tells a story.

And for the tech-savvy, Gavin’s digital setup is a sight to behold. Multiple screens, mood-setting LED lights, and cutting-edge gear? It’s all here.

Gavin’s den is primed for work, play, and everything in between, all wrapped up in a bold neon-pink bow. Dive in and get inspired!

Neon Pink WFH Den by Gavin Strange
“I feel like I’ve reached my final stage of Pokémon evolution with this custom pink den of dreams!”

From living room to launchpad: “impracti-cool” DIY PVC battlestation

Tucked away in sunny Florida, Justin Fogarty has merged the realms of practicality and imagination to build a remarkable DIY battlestation.

Taking cues from the sleek Test Chamber of the famed video game Portal, Justin envisioned a desk that marries the minimalism of a studio backdrop with the vibe of an interstellar cruiser.

Crafting this marvel was no quick task.

Stretching 6′5″ in height, this towering setup required Justin, at 5′10″, to occasionally tiptoe just to grab his headset.

Crafted from a single 4x8″ PVC board, kilometers of 1″ aluminum tubing, and, as Justin jestingly puts it, enough USB extensions to reach the moon, the setup is both ambitious and iconic.

About six months of painstaking planning, design, and assembly went into it, with Justin recounting the added challenge of sourcing a GPU during perhaps its rarest of times.

A black and white DIY PVC minimalist battlestation
Justin’s DIY battlestation showcases seamless, clean design, tinged with a hint of futurism

The end result is impressive.

A desk that seems straight out of an electronics store, showcasing tomorrow’s technology today.

Yet, for all its sleekness, it has a whimsical side. With no storage and a design that demands total disassembly just to fit through a door, Justin’s coined term “impracti-cool” perfectly encapsulates the essence of this unique battlestation.

It’s a salute to all creators who aren’t afraid to dream, design, and deliver, even if it’s just a bit impractical.

DIY PVC Minimalist Battlestation
“I set out to make a desk that was reminiscent of a studio backdrop; seamless and clean”

Who said office spaces need four white walls and a yawn-worthy desk?

As we’ve traipsed through these eight unconventional nooks and crannies turned workspaces, it’s crystal clear: the rulebook has been tossed out the window.

From squeezing in under stairs (or bed!) to making the most of that forgotten attic space, these quirky corners show that with a sprinkle of creativity and a dollop of daring, any spot can become the next “office du jour.”

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If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that sometimes, the best workspaces aren’t just found — they’re cleverly crafted.

So, the next time you spot an unused alcove or a lonely loft, just remember: it might be your next productivity powerhouse.

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