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11 Home Office Colour Ideas for Better Productivity

Transform your home office from blah to brilliant with the right paint.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
Home Office Ideas

A fresh coat of paint can change your mood, boost productivity, and make work feel less like work. We’ve pulled together some top colour picks that can give your workspace a whole new vibe. Ready to be inspired?

1. Deep Charcoal

Ever thought about going dark? A deep, dark charcoal can give your office a sophisticated, calm feel. It’s perfect for making smaller rooms feel bigger and adds a touch of modern flair.

Black and other darker shades are often seen as mysterious, composed, and noble, creating a focused atmosphere.

These colors can help you feel more grounded and less distracted, making them a solid choice to boost productivity in your workspace.

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2. Warm White

For those who love a clean yet cocooning look, a warm white is your go-to. This shade brings a bit of softness to your office, making it feel both cozy and professional.

Studies have shown that warm white can help reduce mental overload and increase focus, making it a great choice for work environments. This color creates a serene and uncluttered space, enhancing concentration and productivity.

Whether you’re tackling detailed tasks or brainstorming new ideas, a warm white backdrop provides the right balance of comfort and clarity.

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3. Calming Green

Green is all about energy and renewal. A calming green works wonders in an office setting. It’s powerful yet soothing, making it perfect for walls or even a statement piece like a desk.

A calming green home office with a desk setup featuring two monitors

According to research, exposure to green hues improves concentration and focus, which are crucial for productivity.

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4. Classic Neutral White

If you’re a fan of classic palette, a neutral white with a slight grey hue is a must-try. It’s perfect for creating a zen-like mood in your workspace that helps with clarity and problem-solving.

A shared home office desk setup with classic neutral white walls
“My partner and I worked together to design our workspace, which was an exciting and challenging experience. While I love bright colours, my partner prefers neutral ones,” says Eloy Rodriguez, a product designer from Barcelona. “We decided that white would be the main colour to integrate everything, [...] and each of us should have control over the lighting in our own area to adjust it to our preferences.” Full desk tour

A 2020 study found that 43% of people from 30 countries associated white with relief. So, the classic neutral white isn’t just stylish and versatile — it’s also a universal symbol of calmness.

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5. Bold Orange

Need a burst of energy? A bold orange accent wall behind your desk might be just what you need. It’s mighty for sparking creativity and fighting off that afternoon slump. Studies show that orange can boost energy levels and stimulate mental activity, which is super helpful during long work hours.

A home office with an accent orange wall
Photo: Norbert Levajsics

A 2018 study in the journal Frontiers in Psychology found that orange is seen as an exciting colour that can ramp up energy levels. However, it also made challenging tasks like studying a bit tougher. So, while it’s great for keeping you energised and creative, it might be best used in moderation.

A mid-century home office of a working mom with an orange chair
“The key feature of my workspace is my orange chair,” says Ashley Sainato, a working mom and service coordinator from North Carolina, US. “It rocks and reclines perfectly and is comfortable while I’m working or feeding the baby. It fits our style in the house and adds some colour that we need.” Full desk tour

Plus, other research highlights that orange can enhance mood and improve social interaction, making your workspace feel lively and inviting. So, if you need a pick-me-up, orange could be a great choice for your home office.

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6. Modern Beige

Beige and earthy tones can really transform your home office into a stress-free zone. These colors are versatile, they play well with natural light and create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, helping to keep anxiety at bay.

An industrial home office setup with limewash paint on the walls
“I painted my wall using limewash paint,” says Kris Villano, a multimedia artist from the Philippines. “What I wanted to achieve with my desk setup is a cosy industrial vibe which at the same time would inspire me to work.” Full desk tour

A peaceful beige backdrop in a home office supports better work habits. When you’re less stressed, it’s easier to stay focused and productive.

Choosing a limewash effect paint gives your space an edgy, industrial vibe with its unique, textured finish. Limewash is also super durable and breathable, perfect for a stylish yet practical workspace.

Rust-Oleum | Beige

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7. Forest Green

Bring the outdoors in with a rich forest green. This color is perfect for evoking a sense of nature and renewal during those long workdays. Studies show that natural colors like green can boost cognitive performance and creativity.

To amplify this natural vibe, consider adding a fake or real plant wall. These green elements will make your space feel fresh and vibrant while offering the benefits of biophilic design. They can help reduce stress, improve air quality, and enhance your overall well-being and productivity.

A green home office in a den with an artificial plant wall
“Some may say I went overboard with greenery,” says Detrik Vanderlinden, a carpenter from Washington, US. “However, as someone whose favourite activities are hiking and being outside, having a space that reflects where I most like to be is crucial. It helps me reduce stress when I’m working in my office — what can be more valuable?” Full desk tour

Another great idea is to incorporate floral or woodland motifs handpainted on the walls of your home office. These designs can bring a touch of nature indoors, creating a calming and inspiring environment.

Whether you choose delicate floral patterns or intricate woodland scenes, these motifs can add a personal and artistic touch to your workspace, making it more beautiful and conducive to productivity and relaxation.

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8. Dark Blue

For a touch of elegance, dark blue, deep navy or teal brings a polished look to your office. It’s bold and rich, ideal for built-ins or an accent wall.

A well-organised multi-monitor desk setup in a home office with an accent deep navy wall
Photo: Deep navy desk setup of a motion designer in the UK

Research indicates that blue shades can lower stress levels and promote a sense of calm, making it easier to focus on tasks.

Whether you choose to go all-in with a deep navy accent wall or incorporate teal elements into your decor, these colors can transform your workspace into a serene and stylish haven. The calming effect of blue hues helps to reduce anxiety, allowing you to stay focused and relaxed throughout your workday.

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9. Bright White

If you love open and airy spaces, going for bright white for your home office is a fantastic choice. It’s crisp and perfect for small spaces that don’t get a lot of natural light.

Brilliant white reflects light, making your workspace feel larger and more inviting. This helps to create a sense of spaciousness, enhances your mood, and boosts productivity by creating a clean, uncluttered environment.

It’s like giving your office a breath of fresh air, so it’s easier to focus and get things done.

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10. Cheerful Yellow

Yellow is known to create a cheerful and stimulating environment. Just a splash of it on an accent wall or in your decor can make your space feel more dynamic and inviting. This energetic color can be especially useful in creative spaces where you need that extra boost to stay inspired and productive.

A bright yellow home office with two desk setups
“I’ve always had a vast array of toys, books, paint, markers, cameras, games, and more. I can always turn around and have a brief moment of enjoyment,” says Rina Miele, a creative director and designer from New York City, US. Full desk tour

Research indicates that yellow can really amp up your mood and energy levels. It’s like a burst of sunshine that can help you feel more optimistic and lively, which is perfect for tackling long workdays.

So, if you find yourself dragging in the afternoon, adding a touch of yellow might be just what you need to keep your spirits up and your productivity on point.

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11. Soft Pink

Pink isn’t just for nurseries. A soft pink can add a subtle, warm touch to your home office. It creates a calming and inviting atmosphere, which can help promote a sense of well-being.

Whether you choose to paint an entire wall or just add pink accents, incorporating this gentle hue can make your office feel more welcoming and less stressful. Plus, soft pink tones add a touch of elegance and personality, transforming your workspace into a place you truly enjoy spending time in.

A soft pink desk setup in a home office
“When I started getting creative with my workspace, I made sure to make it a safe space that is artistic, artisanal, homey. I wanted to make it a space that is a hundred percent me,” says Kei Yoshikawa, a development manager and graphic designer from the Philippines. “I love pastel pink and soft tones. This, I think, is the non-negotiable aspect of my workspace.” Full desk setup

Research has shown that pink can have a soothing effect and may even reduce feelings of aggression. This color helps create a balanced, serene space where you can stay focused and feel comfortable.

Adding some pink decor, like cushions, artwork, or stationery, can enhance the vibe without overwhelming the space. By blending functionality with a bit of your personal style, your home office becomes a perfect reflection of you, making work feel less like a chore and more like an extension of your creative self.

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With these colours, you can turn your home office into a space that’s functional and also a pleasure to be in. Happy decorating!

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