16 Desk Setups from the Most Influential “Study with Me” Content Creators

Pick one that will let you enjoy studying again.

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Watching someone study for hours might sound dull. Yet that’s exactly what millions of students across the globe do every day.

Much like other trends in recent years, “study with me” streams started in South Korea, then swept the world. And there’s a good reason for it.

These videos are more than just a trend. With study streams, students that learn from home feel connected, stay focused, and subsequently get better grades.

What are “study with me” videos?

“Study with me” videos show people studying, taking notes, or working on their laptops at home, in a café, in a library, or in other quiet spaces.

The whole “study with me” trend, or gongbang (공방), originated in South Korea. The word is a combination of gongbu (공부), which means “study”, and bangsong (방송), which refers to “live broadcast”.

The streams range anywhere between 30 minutes to 12 hours.

Often, “study with me” videos feature lo-fi music playing in the background or capture the ambient sounds from where they’re recorded.

A big part of the appeal of “study with me” videos is seeing how the creators set up their home offices.

A lot of them have neat, cosy desk setups with gorgeous views. Some showcase clean, minimalist desks with sophisticated accessories. Others exhibit funky and colourful rooms personalised with posters, stickers and stationery.

By watching “study with me” videos, you get not only a study buddy but also something interesting to look at while you’re cramming.

Are “study with me” videos effective?

“Study with me” videos have a lot of benefits.

It’s exhausting to study alone at home day after day. Having a study buddy, even if they’re online, can be a source of encouragement and motivation.

It’s like studying with a friend.

When most classes are done online, these videos reduce the loneliness of studying alone.

Also, “study with me” videos inspire. Observing someone who pokes through textbooks and takes notes at a clean desk, without interruptions, motivates you to do the same.

Playing a “study with me” video in the background also helps you stay focused and reminds you to get back to work when you’re distracted.

Study with me videos let you keep focus while also looking at something interesting while stydying
Clean desks and pleasant views in these videos are conducive to studying. They let you keep focus while also looking at something interesting

“Study with me” bloggers share their streams to motivate others and help them improve their study habits.

For long study sessions, creators use techniques like the Pomodoro method to manage their time.

Study influencers also share proven tips and hand-crafted techniques that they personally find helpful.

Research on “study with me” videos

Online “study with me” communities are a relatively new thing. They’re like study groups but in the digital age.

According to research on “using ‘study with me’ videos to create effective learning environments”, these videos work as a simple way to remove distractions.

Students who usually get easily distracted while working on a laptop found out that watching “study with me” videos keeps them focused.

Many of those who relied on libraries and cafes for a distraction-free study environment were left out after the pandemic hit.

Such students turned to these streams as a way to control the ambience in their study spaces and offset the effects of being confined to their homes.

Researchers found that watching the content creators study helped students on more than one level, both in terms of mental wellbeing and concentration.

The popularity of these streams is rising as students can play a “study with me” video at any time of day (or night).

“Study with me” videos have led to the rise of studying communities on YouTube, Twitch, Discord, and Instagram. They’re friendly and welcoming to students.

These communities offer recommendations for productivity apps, as well as tips on staying focused and organising your perfect study setup.

Best “Study with Me” Desk Setups

When “study with me” bloggers seem so focused on their work, it’s bound to restore your motivation.

Then the mindset of “If they can do it, so can I” follows suit.

Whenever you lose focus, just glance at your virtual study buddy.

The “study with me” content creators also provide you with all sorts of ideas on how to set up your study corner.

Check out 16 of the most inspirational study influencers and their desk setups.

Merve’s Moody Study Corner in Glasgow, Scotland, UK

YouTube: Merve

Instagram: @merveenroute

One of the most popular “study with me” channels on YouTube. Merve’s videos stand out from others with their captivating aesthetics.

A wooden desk decorated with candles, fairy lights, and potted plants make a welcoming setting for studying

Merve’s “study with me” videos frequently showcase the picturesque views all around her.

These scenic views, whether at home or at the University of Glasgow’s library, create a calming atmosphere that invites watchers to get into the zone.

Merve’s study setup tour on Maker Stations

Sofya Milkstudy_’s Neutral Study Corner

Instagram: @mlkstudy_

A study setup by Sofya from mlkstudy_ is an example of the maximalist approach to sophisticated desk design.

Within her workspace, she mixes neutral colours such as taupe, beige, white, and tawny with splashes of greenery.

Decorative accents like stacked books, candles, and abstract art give Sofya’s room a cohesive look.

Sofya’s desk setup shows that sometimes you don’t need a lot of equipment to create a comfortable study space. She managed to achieve it with only an iPad and a wireless keyboard.

Kharma Medic’s Productive Study Setup in London, UK

YouTube: Kharma Medic

Instagram: @KharmaMedic

Kharma Medic is run by Nasir, a medical student at King's College, London. His videos are meant to inspire other medical students and paint a realistic picture of what it’s like to be one.

Through his “study with me” videos, Nasir shares tips and tricks for studying motivation and provides updates on his course

Kharma Medic’s desk setup is the highlight of his videos. It’s designed to make him more productive.

A large white height-adjustable standing desk is the main feature here.

The desk is set up with a curved ultra-wide monitor on a fully-adjustable monitor arm

A white desk lamp and the speakers keep with the monochrome desk aesthetics. A headphone stand, small plant pot, and laptop stand made from walnut bring depth to the setup.

Along with the green of the desk plants, these accessories lend a natural look to the desk.

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A customisable pixel-style clock and colourful keycaps brighten up Nasir’s desk setup. The stickers on some of the devices also add a fun touch.

Abao’s Compact Study Space in Tokyo, Japan

YouTube: Abao in Tokyo

Instagram: @abaointokyo

Abao’s main setup features two monitors on white stands. They give a tidy look to the desk while also providing storage space below.

It’s easy to get mesmerised by the beautiful Tokyo cityscape from Abao’s apartment window

White speakers, an adjustable table lamp, and a small white clock complete his simple setup. Small plastic plants keep Abao’s desk looking cosy but don’t require any maintenance.

Abao often works from other spaces. He continues the minimalist approach, choosing to highlight the views around him instead.

Along with his laptop and iPad, Abao sets up these spaces with portable desk accessories like a cute cat lamp and a small desk plant.

These little things create a pleasing atmosphere to study in.

Cosy Industrial Desk Setup by Roland in Saitama, Japan
An industrial aesthetic with metallic accents combined with hints of nature is one of the ways to describe Roland’s setup.

Academic Eve’s Minimal Study in Amsterdam, Netherlands

YouTube: academiceve

Instagram: @academic.eve

Academic Eve proves you can have a gorgeous desk setup even in the smallest of spaces.

She made her desk herself and put it in the corner of her bedroom. Now she has a dedicated study area at home.

Her MacBook Pro rests on an adjustable laptop stand, while the Magic keyboard and mouse keep her desk wireless.

A wooden iPad stand adds warmth to Eve’s setup, along with scented candles and cut flowers.

Minimal black notebooks and bullet journals often replace the keyboard on her desk.

Academic Eve’s study setup tour on Maker Stations

Shekinah Glory’s Cost-Efficient Study Setup in Wellington, New Zealand

YouTube: Shekinah Glory

Instagram: @_glorystudies

Shekinah Glory has a cute pastel style to her desk setup. Her study nook consists of a preloved white desk, chair, and a light wooden table filled with accessories.

Shekinah’s monitor sits on a wooden shelf on the table, while her laptop rests on a stand — it functions as a second screen.

With a warm colour scheme on her desk and cute accessories to boot, Shekinah’s study corner feels cosy and inviting

A small wooden desk organiser stores her books, with a wood and bronze finish lamp doubling as a resting spot for her headphones.

Small round pots hold stationery and plants near a wireless charger and a small wooden radio.

A typewriter-inspired white keyboard adds to the cosiness of the space, as do floral prints on the wall, dried flowers, and diffusers on the desk.

Shekinah’s choice of soft pink, brown, white, and soft yellow make her desk setup feel soothing. Especially when paired with lovely views out her window.

Shekinah Glory’s study setup tour on Maker Stations

The Study Collection’s Cosy Studygram Space in Passau, Germany

YouTube: The Study Collection

Instagram: @thestudycollecion

Residing in Passau, Germany, Lisa from The Study Collection is a teacher-in-training with a passion for travel.

Her study setup consists of a large desk decorated with just the right number of items to keep it organised and tidy.

A sleek wooden stand holds Lisa’s monitor, while her MacBook sits on a laptop stand or a pile of books.

A black retro keyboard and mouse, a vintage clock and an iPad are the only other permanent fixtures on her desk.

Lisa’s desk is often adorned with holiday decorations, scented candles, dried and fresh flowers, and small plants.

Lisa keeps her plants on the windowsill as the desk faces a large window. That way, they get plenty of light, and she can switch her gaze to the horizon whenever her eyes get tired.

The Study Collection’s setup tour on Maker Stations

Study to Success’ Colourful Study Setup in the US

Youtube: Study to Success

Instagram: @studytosuccess

Estella from Study to Success is not one for minimal study setups. Her desk is a kaleidoscope of colours, filled with cute accessories and stationery of every kind.

The bright colours stand out in Estella’s white study with all-white furniture

Estella uses an IKEA Alex drawer unit to store all her stationery, along with an IKEA table with some extra storage. Plants and fairy lights decorate the top of the dresser.

On Estella’s desk, you’ll find her laptop, a colourful mechanical keyboard, an iPad, notebooks, and stationery holders full of pens and highlighters.

Small pastel details like an alarm clock and cute bird & cat lamps decorate the table. The accessories and stationery change often, making for an interesting desk display every time.

Estudiar Derecho’s Beautiful Study Setup in Córdoba, Argentina

Youtube: Estudiar Derecho

Instagram: @estudiar.derecho

It isn’t uncommon to study in the early morning or late at night. And they also offer the best views, as is made clear by Nati from Estudiar Derecho.

At the centre of her desk is a pink cutting mat. It serves as a mousepad and a surface to keep notes and books.

When Nati’s not using her MacBook, her keyboard and mouse are neatly stowed away under the desk.

Clear makeup organisers are repurposed as desk storage, holding stationery and small items.

The top of the organisers is in turn used to keep plants, books, a timer, and even a tiny buddha figurine.

Cute animal lamps sit alongside a slim white desk lamp and a digital desktop alarm clock. They turn the desk into a charming and functional space — perfect for studying!

Mar Fortuno’s Simple Study Corner in Manila, Philippines

YouTube: mar fortuno

Instagram: @marfortuno_

Mar fortuno is run by Marie, a pre-med student at the University of the Philippines Diliman. Her YouTube channel consists of “study with me” videos and vlogs showing college life.

Set in the corner of her room, Marie’s desk setup comprises primarily of her laptop, keyboard, and iPad

An adjustable laptop stand allows her to keep the keyboard underneath the laptop when it’s not being used, making space for other items.

On one side of the desk, a clear organiser stores her stationery and displays the clock on top.

A white lamp provides light for the desk and the desk plant, working as an efficient solution.

Marie has decorated the wall in front of her with pics of her favourite celebrities and anime artwork to keep her motivated.

Wall-mounted shelves above the desk make storage space for books and other items. This keeps her desk clutter-free.

Andotherlawstories’s Dark and Rustic Study Desk Setup in Nordfriesland, Germany

YouTube: andotherlawstories

Instagram: @andotherlawstories

Olja from And Other Law Stories is different from most studygrammers and influencers.

Instead of focusing on how to be super productive and study round the clock, Olja talks about the reality of being a student, with all its ups and downs.

She recommends finding what works best for each person and taking frequent breaks.

Andotherlawstories’s Dark and Rustic Study Desk Setup in Nordfriesland, Germany
Olja lives in Germany and studies law after practising as a paralegal

Olja’s home office style is simple and traditional rustic, with influences of dark academia.

This look was achieved with a dark wooden desk, a green banker’s lamp, and a set of books on her table.

Olja’s MacBook and notebooks take up the study area. Candles, a glass Chemex pour-over coffeemaker or a beautiful black teapot also go on the desk.

A large bookshelf in the room makes space for storing books and files.

The dark wood aesthetic of the room is balanced out with a deep green couch & study chair and warm lighting.

Andotherlawstories’ study setup tour on Maker Stations

Eva Rose’s Scandinavian Style Study in the Netherlands

YouTube: Eva Rose

Instagram: @eva.rose

Eva Rose is a student from the Netherlands. She regularly posts “study with me”, lifestyle, and travel videos.

She has converted a part of her attic bedroom into her study area. Then she placed her desk directly under the window to benefit from maximum sunlight.

Eva Rose’s bedroom and study are designed in the Scandinavian style, with a focus on practicality and comfort

Eva’s long white desk offers plenty of space for studying, and a desk shelf with drawers makes extra space for storage.

Eva likes to keep things simple. She uses just her MacBook and notebooks while working.

With all her study materials neatly stowed away, Eva utilises the rest of her desk space for candles, plants, and a salt lamp. These items make the study and bedroom area feel cheerful and pleasant.

Gutsy Studygirl’s Minimal Study Setup in Singapore

YouTube: gutsy studygirl

Instagram: @gutsystudygirl

Singapore-based gutsy studygirl uploads study with me videos from her home and library. She shares studying tips in many of her vlogs.

Sitting in front of her window, a gutsy studygirl uses just her laptop and notepad to study.

The table is minimal and practical — it’s decorated with just desk plants. That keeps her desk space clear for working and studying along with the occasional cup of tea.

Notes are attached to the wall near the window. They stay within the line of sight and keep the table from cluttering up.

The result is a simple, low-budget and efficient study design that can be incorporated into any home.

Study MD’s Spacious Study Design in Alberta, Canada

YouTube: StudyMD

Jimmy from StudyMD is a medical student in Canada. He spends long hours studying and makes videos to share his tips for productivity.

Jimmy’s videos show him studying alone and with others

StudyMD has a swoon-worthy study setup, complete with tech and décor.

An IKEA dining table functions as a large desk that makes space for everything he needs.

A flexible Dell monitor and a MacBook on a laptop stand form the core of his study setup. Accessories like a Magic keyboard, Magic trackpad, and a Bluetooth mouse keep the desk free of wires.

An adjustable table lamp and an RGB light bulb allow Jimmy to change the look of his room at will.

Two stylish scent diffusers make Jimmy’s study area a pleasant one while also helping him focus and relax.

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Indoor plants in a range of sizes fill up the sides of the table, while a large bookcase functions as storage.

Love, Nika’s Cute Study Setup in the UK

Youtube: love, nika

Instagram: @03love.nika

Love, nika is a channel run by British student Nicole.

It’s a charming space, thanks to the artwork and wooden accessories that decorate Nicole’s study.

An L-shaped height adjustable desk makes maximum use of the corner space. It allows her to switch between standing and sitting while studying.

For storage, Nicole uses a wooden drawer unit next to the table, as well as a bamboo shoe rack under the desk. Along with storage organisers and woven baskets, this turns into a clever storage solution in the study.

A small wooden shelf on the desk and plastic organisers store stationery neatly, while art and anime posters deck up the wall.

The desk space is divided between her devices, diffusers and accessories like dried flowers — all keeping with the light brown aesthetic.

Two table lamps light up the space and complete the look of this lovely and functional study corner.

Annasdesk’s Small Studygram Setup in Auckland, New Zealand

Instagram: @annasdesk

New Zealand-based studygrammer Anna’s desk is colourful and bright, perfectly accenting the lush green views outside her window.

Anna’s desk, with a big colourful bulletin board next to it, is tucked away in a corner, so she can study overlooking the garden.

Anna has taken a maximalist approach to her space. She dressed up her desk setup with an assortment of decorative accents — from plants in patterned pots neatly arranged on her windowsill to botanically-inspired desk pad, candles, and stationary tools.

Markers, pens, and bright post-its fill up areas of her desk, all organised by colour.

Small diffusers and dried flowers sit by the window, with notebooks stored upright on one side.

Anna proves that you can have a lot of stuff on your desk and still be productive.

Anna’s study walls are decorated with patterned cards and a memo board for important notes.

The vibrant design of this study area makes it feel like an extension of the garden.

It creates a wonderful space to study and spend time in.

Inspiring Student Desk Setups by Study with Me and Studygram Creators
A hand-picked collection of study setups from around the world.

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