A cosy home office setup with a large computer monitor, a desk with various tech accessories and houseplants

Nature-Inspired Home Office in Vienna, Austria

“The primary colours of my desk setup are black and white, chosen for their minimalist aesthetic and the striking contrast they offer against the wooden elements and greenery“

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Name: Soner Sen

Location: Vienna, Austria

Occupation: Videographer, Director of Photography

Room size: 16 m² (172 ft²)

Cost of setup: ~€5,5K ($6K)

Social media: Instagram, YouTube

Hello! Tell us a bit about yourself

I’m Soner, a 27-year-old versatile videographer based in Vienna.

I film weddings, events, music videos, social media content for brands and influencers, corporate videos, and much more.

A close-up of a desk with a colourful computer monitor and decorative plants

Despite having over 15 years of media experience from my media-focused high school, my real turning point was in 2018.

I started shooting videos with my iPhone during my film studies and then bought my first camera ever a few months later.

Today, I am self-employed and work full-time in collaboration with agencies, brands, photographers, and other creative minds.

Take us through your setup

Item Model
Monitor Dell G3223Q
Monitor mount BONTEC
Computer Apple Mac Studio M1 Max
Speakers Audioengine A2+
Speaker stand Kanto SP9W
Headphones SteelSeries Arctis 7P+
Keyboard Apple Magic Keyboard
Mouse Logitech MX Master 3S, Apple Magic Trackpad
Mouse mat Kensington ErgoSoft
Wireless charger Anker 313
SSD/HDD enclosure TerraMaster D4-300
Monitor controller Palmer Monicon
Webcam Logitech Streamcam
Tablet Apple iPad Air Gen4
Subwoofer Audioengine S8

Inspiration for my desk setup comes from the idea of combining modern tech with organic materials such as wood and greenery, while still maintaining a minimalist aesthetic.

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This choice of materials and colours ensures that I feel comfortable and can work creatively for hours.

It’s quite important in my industry as you have to work on projects over a long period of time.

A wall shelf displaying a variety of items including a figurine, books, potted plants, and a camera, creating a lively and decorative corner

The primary colours of my desk setup are black and white, chosen for their minimalist aesthetic and the striking contrast they offer against the wooden elements and greenery.

I regularly play games on the PS5, so the aesthetics of the console were also one of the reasons for going this route.

My desk consists of two different parts from IKEA: the IDÅSEN tabletop and TROTTEN underframe, which I had to assemble together.

An inviting home office space with a vibrant monitor on a desk, surrounded by tech gadgets, a game console, speakers, and greenery, all under a warm light

I placed my desk next to the window so that I can get a lot of natural light during the day when I’m editing videos.

When I’m dealing with colour grading in the evening, I turn on the LED lights for a pleasant ambience.

It ensures that my eyes don’t get tired so quickly.

A close-up of a workspace with a Mac Studio M1 Max, keyboard, mouse, speaker, and part of a monitor, complemented by soft backlighting and houseplants

My main work machine is the Mac Studio M1 Max with 32GB RAM.

I’ve had it for about two years now and am extremely impressed with its performance; I can complete my projects as smoothly as possible.

Along with the Mac Studio, my monitor is one of the most important pieces of tech of my setup.

An organised desk featuring a computer monitor with a colourful screen, speakers, and tech accessories, flanked by vibrant houseplants and a wall-mounted TV

It’s the Dell G3223Q with its superb specs: 4K 32″, 144Hz VRR, up to 600 cd/m2 brightness, and excellent colour accuracy for professional work.

It’s one of the few monitors that are suitable for both work and gaming.

A close-up view of a desk corner showing a succulent plant in a white pot, part of a trackpad, and a monitor controller with knobs and buttons, adjacent to a computer monitor with a pinkish screen

I previously had a second monitor and got rid of it. I now use my iPad Air Gen4 for my secondary tasks like calendar or messages while also having more space on my desk.

Since I work with tons of large video files, I had to get the TerraMaster D4-300 enclosure for my SSDs and HDDs.

A TerraMaster D4-300 USB3.1 hard drive/SSD enclosure on a desk, with the brand label visible, providing a sleek storage solution

Inside are 16TB worth of SSDs and HDDs for media, cache files and backups.

The speakers are Audioengine A2+, very aesthetic and with great sound in a small form factor. I combined them with the Audioengine S8 subwoofer for an even fuller sound and more bass.

 An Audioengine speaker perched next to a monitor, with its clean white design complementing the vibrant houseplants and ambient coloured lighting in the space

I use three devices to navigate: the Logitech MX Master 3S, the Apple Magic Keyboard and the Magic Trackpad.

The mouse is my primary device for more precise input. Combined with the wrist rest mouse pad I can work for hours.

A top-down view of a workspace with a white keyboard, a trackpad, an ergonomic mouse on a mouse pad, all neatly arranged on a wooden desk

The Magic Keyboard is very slim and has great battery life; keyboard shortcuts make my work easier.

I recently got the Trackpad and I’m thrilled with it.

The multi-finger gestures just feel natural.

When editing, I can simply use my fingers to scroll back and forth or zoom in and out on the timeline.

I wonder how I’ve managed to work without it so far!

What’s your favourite item on your desk?

It’s the plant called Oxalis triangularis that I recently purchased.

It’s a purple-coloured clover in the shape of hearts.

A tablet with a colourful floral display stands on a desk near an ergonomic mouse and mouse pad, with a backdrop of houseplants and office supplies

It’s interesting that the leaves stay open in daylight and close when it gets dark.

For me, this serves as a kind of sign that I should stop working and take some time off in the evening.

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What apps or tools do you use to get things done?

I would say my two favourite apps right now are Final Cut Pro and TimeTree.

Final Cut Pro is Apple’s first-party editing program, which runs really smoothly on Apple silicon.

I also use other editing programs such as DaVinci Resolve, but when it comes to efficiency and fast workflow, FCP is unbeatable.

Wall-mounted shelves adorned with a Pixar’s Toy Story Woody figurine, potted plants, books, and a camera, against a backdrop of trailing houseplants, create a charming corner in a room

TimeTree is an online calendar that I use for planning my appointments and video shoots.

It’s accessible from anywhere and on any device, allowing me to link different projects with colours and labels for a clear overview.

I can also see the calendars of my cooperation partners so that we can make appointments more easily.

What books, blogs, or podcasts recently caught your attention?

Since I hardly read books anymore, I find inspiration in visual media.

Films, series, photos, videos, magazines — everything that has to do with visuals.

A close-up of an assortment of green leaves with various patterns and textures

When it comes to films, I’m a big fan of Christopher Nolan and the legendary cinematographer Roger Deakins.

I also like to take inspiration from content creators and journalists like Art Suwansang, Brandon Li, Corridor Crew, and Rafael Zeier on videography and visual style.

Any tips for other makers who want to improve their workspaces?

Try to invest in what you need now, rather than what is currently trending or what you might need in the future.

I often changed my setup because I compared myself too much to other people instead of paying attention to my own needs.

Some like it minimalistic, some cosy and cute, others monochrome or colourful; in the end, you are the one sitting and working at the setup, so it should suit your personality.

What does your typical day look like?

I usually get up between 7-8 am.

If I had a long day of filming the day before, I sleep until 10-11 am.

First thing in the morning, I prepare a fresh cup of cappuccino and settle down at my desk. I then put on some music and spend some time reading news articles or messages from friends and clients.

Since I’m self-employed and work relatively flexible hours, I don’t have a fixed daily routine.

 A gaming console PlayStation 5 stands upright next to its controllers on a shelf beneath a desk, with wires visible in the background and a soft glow of light

Some days, I dedicate myself entirely to video editing or hold online meetings.

Other times, I might take the day off to spend with friends and family, enjoy playing games on my PS5, or work on shooting projects.

I think it’s great because I never get bored.

Your tips for working from home?

Plan and structure your day as though you were in an office setting.

Determine a rough schedule for starting work, taking breaks, and concluding your workday.

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A well-lit home office with a desk, ergonomic chair, computer setup with monitor, houseplants, and a TV mounted on the wall

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