A home workspace with artificial and real plants

Fake It till You Make It: 3 Featured Workspaces with Artificial Plants

Home office setups that masterfully harness faux flora to create vibes as authentic as the real deal.

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Editorial Team
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We’ve all heard it: plants breathe life into a space. But some of them don’t even need oxygen to work their charm.

In the quest for a lush workspace without the upkeep, turning to artificial greenery is a smart move.

Here are three home office setups that masterfully harness faux flora to create vibes as authentic as the real deal.

The all-nighter’s urban jungle den in Washington, US

Stepping into Detrik Vanderlinden’s 8 m² home office is akin to wandering through a tranquil forest. White surfaces, cosy lighting, and an abundance of greenery establish a nature-driven sanctuary.

Detrik’s standout piece is his homemade terrarium. By repurposing an old Nintendo DS Lite, he encapsulated it in a terrarium filled with moss, rocks, and faux flora and fauna, crowned with a meditative sloth figurine — a symbol of serenity and reflection.

Why it works: Detrik’s setup bridges his outdoor passion with his indoor workspace. The artificial elements, especially the terrarium, channel nature’s power to rejuvenate, while also echoing sentiments of sustainability and eco-conscious living.

Pro-tip: Add subtle LED backlighting behind your wall-hung plants for a soothing, ambient effect.

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Faux real: neon pink creative paradise in the United Kingdom

Gavin Strange’s 9 m² WFH den bursts with neon-pink enthusiasm. But it’s the artificial plant walls and fake grass floor that intriguingly blend the vibrant with the verdant.

Built meticulously over three months by his father, the den reflects Gavin’s personal style. Shelves brim with vinyl toys, collectibles, and memories, against a neon backdrop intertwined with touches of nature.

Why it works: By juxtaposing neon pink with green, Gavin creates a stimulating yet grounded workspace. The artificial greenery introduces an element of calm, balancing the room’s energy and ensuring it doesn’t feel overwhelmingly vibrant.

Pro-tip: For a cohesive look, choose a pot for your faux plant that matches the colour palette of your gadgets or the hue of your wall paint.

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Cosy Studio Ghibli-infused streaming setup in Puerto Rico

Alissa Pabon’s 16 m² battlestation room is a Studio Ghibli dream brought to life. The Moffi green keyboard serves as the nucleus to her desk setup, with the room’s theme proliferating around it.

Her artificial moss wall, complemented by over 40 house plants, infuses her gaming station with Studio Ghibli’s emblematic naturalistic vibe, all framed by boho furnishings and a wooden bed frame of her own creation.

Why it works: Alissa’s use of artificial green elements pays tribute to Studio Ghibli’s recurrent themes of nature and harmony. Her room serves as a continual reminder of the tranquility nature offers, even in a digital, gaming-centric space.

Pro-tip: Try blending the best of both worlds. Pair real plants for fresh air with artificial ones for carefree flair in your home office.

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These setups prove it: artificial plants aren’t just for show. With the right touch, they can elevate both the mood and utility of a workspace. Sometimes, going faux is the real deal in designing your perfect home office.

8 reasons to spruce up your home office with artificial greenery

  1. Stress-free maintenance: For the busy remote worker, there’s enough on the plate without adding plant watering to the mix. Artificial plants are the zero-effort solution.
  2. Consistent aesthetics: No surprises with droopy or yellowing leaves. Your workspace maintains its zen look throughout the seasons.
  3. Versatility: It’s easy to play with different plant heights and textures, proving that faux can be just as creative as the real deal.
  4. Safety first: With so many devices in a home office, avoiding water is key. Artificial plants eliminate the risks associated with watering near electronics.
  5. Contrasting beauty: The juxtaposition of nature-inspired decor with modern tech can create an inspiring aesthetic.
  6. Space savers: Many tech setups are cramped. Compact artificial plants add greenery without compromising on space.
  7. Night owl approved: Those who burn the midnight oil might not provide real plants the sunlight they crave. Artificial ones, however, need no sun.
  8. Mood booster: Late hours can be gruelling. The sight of a green corner offers a much-needed refreshing break.
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