An Essential Сhecklist for Those Who WFH from Their Bedrooms

An Essential Сhecklist for Those Who WFH from Their Bedrooms

When your home office is in your bedchamber, here's what you can do to separate work from sleep.

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Editorial Team
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Not everyone has the luxury of being able to organise a home office in a spare dedicated room.

If you are thinking about converting your bedroom into a multipurpose space that will also serve as a maker station, here are seven crucial tips to help you prevent feeling like you’re sleeping at work.

Divide a room into two zones

The key to productive working from your bedroom lies in keeping a clear distinction between your focus and relaxation areas. That’s what matters most, so don’t undervalue it.

Working from home office in a bedroom
If you have enough space, maintaining physical distance between your bed and desk makes it the easiest solution. Photo by Patrick Perkins

Consider using a curtain to separate work and sleep zones. Once you’ve finished, close the curtains so that your working day is clearly marked as complete.

Another effective way to divide working and sleeping areas is to install a room divider. You will have no trouble creating a well-balanced space with so many options, including wood-slatted partitions, upholstered screens, frosted glass walls, or even simple pegboards.

Adopt rewarding lighting scenarios

A dark or fluorescent-lit room can make working from home incredibly demoralising.

The right lighting is vital for your eyes, productivity and attitude.

Make the most out of the natural light by placing your desk near the window and keeping the blinds fully open (or half-opened if there is a glare).

For rooms without windows, you may wish to choose bright and warm overhead lights or desk lamps. Avoid lighting that reflects glare off your computer screen. One way to reduce such glare is to use task lighting behind the screen.

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Get a flexible desk

If your bedroom space is tight, a folding desk could be the solution to all your working-from-home needs. When you start the day, just pop it up, then when you’re done, collapse it. As compact and neat as they are, folding desks are ideal for those without a dedicated home office, allowing you to separate work and play.

Urban Jungle Bedroom Home Office in Downtown Miami
An adjustable-height desk is another smart investment in your well-balanced work-from-bedroom routine. Photo by Luiz Cent

Consider placing your desk so that the bed is out of your sight. This way, you’ll be less distracted by thoughts of sweet slumber when you’re trying to focus on work.

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Invest in a heavenly comfy bed

Creating a cosy zone in your WFH bedroom that’s purely for sleep is crucial. We spend a third of our lives sleeping, so it's vital to find the right bed to guarantee a restful sleep.

Select from traditional Canopy beds, convertible sofas, Murphy beds or futons, and feel free to experiment with the bed level. Not only does a sunken bed look cool and modern, but it also helps separate work and play. Furthermore, the room appears less cramped when the bed is not level with the desk.

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Get the right chair

People have different ideas about what a good chair is and what it should be made of. However, there is one thing that matters to all.

The worst thing you can do to your lower back and legs is to sit on a chair that’s too tall or too short. Most chairs are designed to fit the average person, so it’s important to pay attention to the seat height when buying one.

When ordering a WFH chair online, read reviews to see if anyone complains about the lack of lumbar support.

To get yourself a proper WFH chair, firstly, find one at home that feels comfortable to sit in, and measure the distance between the seat and the floor. As long as your working chair allows you to stay within a few inches in either direction, you should be fine. Whenever you feel pressure under your upper legs or if you can't touch the ground with your foot, adjust the height.

Clear away clutter

The idea of hiding your computer, paper documents and stationery in a closet you can close when you’re finished is commonly underrated.

You can shut the door when you’re done working, and the office staff, invisible from the bedroom, won’t distract you from relaxing.

Minimal home office in a bedroom
By putting away a laptop and other home office essentials at the end of the day, you can switch off and avoid being tempted to check emails until late at night. Photo by Hutomo Abrianto

Find storage solutions that combine both style and utility, such as trunks, ottomans, and blanket boxes. Put your items in, close the lid and enjoy the rest of the evening without being distracted by work.

Keep it all in harmony

While separating the two areas, it’s important to realise that the feel and aesthetics of your bedroom will be influenced by your workspace.

Urban jungle bedroom home setup
Keeping the desk and chair within a similar aesthetic to the rest of the bedroom will help to create a sense of cohesion. Photo by Amari James

By adding art or carefully selected ornament above the desk you can unify the style and colours of the space. Moreover, it will make your working environment more inspiring and vibrant.

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Work often creeps into our personal time, so it’s important to set clear boundaries to draw the line between professional life and wind-down. With just a few tweaks, you can carve out a space – both physical and mental – that puts your wellbeing first.

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