A modern home office setup with a floating dual monitor desk

Floating Desk Setup in Washington, US

“My father and I welded an entire steel frame with a built-in cable rack to hold up the tabletop, headboard, and both of the shelving units on either side”

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Name: Eric

Location: Washington State

Occupation: Farm Worker/HS Student

Room size: 9,1 m² (98 ft²)

Cost of setup: ~$5K

Hello! Tell us a bit about yourself

Hi! My name is Eric.

I’m currently a high school student who has a very unhealthy obsession with trying to cure my OCD with the perfect desk setup.

My tech addiction started when COVID-19 first began, and it’s a rabbit-hole I very much enjoy.

I play guitar. I’ve been playing it for over 6 years now.

Guitars hung on a white wall above a bed with blue and white bedding, next to a window with a view of greenery outside

And finally, I love shredding on my snowboard up at my local mountain whenever I get the chance.

I have a very different situation job-wise compared to others due to the fact I’m still in school.

I work at a local farm during the summers and pumpkin patch season.

A tidy workstation with a wooden desk and shelves, featuring dual monitors, speakers, and decorative items, set against a grey wall with mountainous artwork

It was my first ever real job experience and it has taught me a great deal about hard work and dedication.

As you can tell, that dedication can definitely be seen through my setup.

When I put my mind to something, it will get done (with a bit of procrastination, haha).

Take us through your setup

Item Model
Main monitor LG 32GN650-B Ultragear Gaming Monitor 32″ QHD (2560 x 1440) Display
Secondary monitor MSI Optix G271 27″ 144hz
Monitor mount WALI TV Wall Mount
Monitor light bar MELIFO L-1 Plus Monitor Lightbar
Speakers Edifier R1280T
Headphones HIFIMAN Sundara
Keyboard Monsgeek M1 + Gateron SolDark Lubed+Filmed switches + Artifact Bloom BOW keycaps
Mouse Razer Viper Ultimate w/ Charging Dock
Desk mat Drop + Noctua Desk Mat
Desk shelf Aothia Large Dual Monitor Riser
Microphone Fifine K688
DAC/Pre-Amp MiniFuse 2
AMP Schiit Magni+
Mic arm BM88 Low profile boom arm
Headphone stand urbanplus
Chair Razzor Ergonomic Office Chair — Black
Full PC specs
CPU i5-13600KF
GPU Sapphire PULSE 6800 XT
CPU cooler Thermalright Peerless Assassin 120 SE
RAM 64GB DDR5 Crucial Pro 5600mhz
Storage Crucial T700 4 TB M.2-2280 PCIe 5.0
Motherboard Asus ROG STRIX B760-I GAMING WIFI Mini ITX
PSU Cooler Master V750 SFX GOLD 750W
Case Cooler Master NR200
Fans ARCTIC P12 120mm Fans + 2× ARCTIC P12 120mm Slim Fans

As you may have noticed, my entire setup is floating.

The idea came to me when I was inspired by Techsource’s floating setup, but my father and I took it a step further and welded an entire steel frame with a built-in cable rack to hold up the tabletop, headboard, and both of the shelving units on either side.

The mount itself took an entire week to weld together and work out all the issues.

My entire room took me a grand total of one year and two months to complete, and I’m extremely happy with the way it has turned out.

A spacious home office with an ergonomic chair, wooden floating desk with monitors, surrounded by shelving with plants and decor, and a guitar amplifier in the corner, under ambient lighting

The minute you walk into my room, you know exactly what hobbies I enjoy doing in my free time.

It is a true embodiment of who I am.

I particularly love my room because of the massive window that’s in it.

A corner of a room showing a framed poster on a grey wall, a desk lamp, and a window with a view of trees with green foliage

I’m not into all that flashy RGB stuff that most people my age are into (though it seems that a trend has started to pick up in warmer tones in people’s workstations).

I really like the natural lighting in my room, especially during the sunset when the sun dips right between the trees located in front of my home.

The toughest part about the setup was getting the mount from the garage up to the second floor.

A garage workshop with a workbench holding a wooden construction project, surrounded by various tools and equipment, under exposed wooden ceiling beams

It was a challenge, but with the help of my dad and my brother, we got it up.

Installing the desk onto the wall was also tough.

When I tell you it’s heavy, it’s heavy.

We were able to install it with only the tabletop and headboard attached to it and screwed in the shelves after it was all mounted.

A partially constructed white floating desk supported by sawhorses in a garage, with a concrete floor and garage door track visible overhead

My next big purchase for the setup is going to be a new SFF (Small Form Factor) PC in the FormD T1 Case.

I’m currently rocking a Fractal North build with a RTX 3080/Ryzen 7900X.

What’s your favourite item on your desk?

My favourite item in my setup is by far my keyboard.

There is just something about a custom keyboard that hits the spot.

My “budget” keeb consists of a Monsgeek M1 White as the case, Gateron SolDark Lubed+Filmed as my switches, and Artifact Bloom BOW Keycaps from Drop.com.

In total this build cost me about $240.

A close-up of a desk with a mechanical keyboard, white gaming mouse, and a large monitor, with a schematic mouse pad and tech accessories in the background

Some might say that no keyboard should cost that much, but I must disagree.

Investing in a custom keyboard offers unmatched personalisation, superior quality, and a tailored typing experience, enhancing comfort and productivity.

It also opens up a whole new community of people where you can meet new friends and dive even deeper into the world of keyboards.

A well-organised home office with a floating wooden desk, dual monitors, a microphone, speakers, and decorative shelves with plants and toys, set against a grey wall with landscape paintings

What apps or tools do you use to get things done?

As you know by now, I don’t work from home, but I do have a lot of hobbies that require me to use my computer.

And one of them is recording music.

I’m an avid guitar player, and in my free time, I love to record some music on my Strat.

My go-to software is Tracktion Waveform.

It’s a great DAW to learn when you’re first starting out; they even include tons of tutorials on how to use everything.

I love that everything is uncluttered and organised in the software.

It’s very straightforward, and that’s what makes it great.

What books, blogs, or podcasts recently caught your attention?

The only way I was able to afford such a setup at my age was by making smart financial decisions, and a book that helped me understand more about economics was Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt.

A detailed view of a home office featuring a large monitor, mechanical keyboard, and decorative items on a desk, with a scenic mountain landscape on the screen and grey walls adorned with shelves and artwork in the background

It was a wonderful read.

I would absolutely recommend everyone to read it at least once in their lifetime.

Knowing how the world works economically is extremely important to becoming successful in life.

Any tips for other makers who want to improve their workspaces?

Make. It. Yours. I can’t stress that enough.

You want your setup to stand out from the basic RGB setups you see on TikTok.

A contemporary home office setup with a floating wooden desk flanked by white shelves filled with books and decor, two monitors, and framed artwork against a grey wall, complemented by indoor plants

Add personality — for example, what are your hobbies? What are you passionate about? Try incorporating these elements into your space.

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What does your typical day look like?

I usually go to bed around 1-2 am.

I enjoy reading for an hour or two before going to bed.

It’s a great way to wind down from the day and avoid exposure to blue light before falling asleep.

A stylish home office featuring a large wooden desk with dual monitors, a microphone, a mechanical keyboard, and a pair of headphones, flanked by white shelves with playful decor, all set against a grey wall with mountain canvas art

I wake up around 8:30 in the morning and start off my day by taking a nice hot shower, then crank it to the coldest setting to really wake me up.

I make myself some breakfast and hop right onto my computer to do my schoolwork.

I have recently been very focused on keeping my grades high while completing high school as quickly as I can (my school is do-it-at-your-own-pace).

A model of Yoda, a popular green science fiction character made from building blocks on a shelf, accompanied by a small replica and a smart speaker, beside a hanging indoor plant

While doing schoolwork, I like to listen to tech-related podcasts or YouTube videos in the background just to keep myself up-to-date.

I also do lawn work for my neighbours, so I head over to their homes around 1-2 PM to complete my jobs there.

A framed poster titled “HOPE” on a light grey wall next to a window with a view of autumn trees

It’s a great way to keep a source of income during the off-season at the farm where I work.

After finishing up everything at the neighbours’, I’ll either hang out with my friends at a coffee shop or something along those lines, or hop back onto my PC for a few rounds of The Finals with the boys.

Your tips for working from home?

Whenever I’m trying to get things done, I make sure there won’t be anything that will interrupt my focus or workflow.

I get very easily distracted, so that’s very important to me.

I find that listening to LoFi, or really anything for that matter, in the background helps keep me stimulated.

A modern home office setup with a floating desk flanked by white shelves filled with books and decor, two monitors, and framed artwork against a grey wall, complemented by indoor plants

Procrastination is also a big issue for me. I overcome it by focusing on small wins.

Setting micro-goals and tackling tiny tasks one at a time has kept me on track.

Using timers, I work in short bursts, minimising distractions.

With consistent effort, these small steps have added up, leading to increased productivity.

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